Loch Lomond

From picturesque lochs to scenic vivid highlands, these are some of the attractions of Scotland.We stopped over at Loch Lomond, located just about 50 minutes away from Glasgow by train. Loch Lomond is known for its largest surface area of fresh water loch in the UK. Stretching up to 24 miles long and five miles […]

Breakfast & Beer

We woke up one morning greeted by bright sunny day in Glasgow. One morning was spent on some healthy Scottish Farmhouse Breakfast…(£3.50 for large, £1.99 for smaller portion) Hot Chocolate for £1.10 Another morning was spent on meaty dishes of Ale Steak Pie (£3.99) and a giant classic beef burger accompanied with chilled Carling beer […]

Holidays in Manchester

The beginning of spring was spent in Manchester, in search of some well-known Chinese cuisine, taking time off strolling on high streets encircled by shopping malls and not to forget, Old Trafford of course. To-Dos: 1. Stay in Hatters Hostel. Budget stay for backpackers and students 🙂With breakfast included (toasts available 24 hours), open kitchen […]

I ♥ Spring

Guess our posts on the spring trip will have to wait as we would like to share some tales on the small spring picnic and ‘in-house grilling sessions’ with housemates that came about right after I’ve handed in my final year research project dissertation. For the past half a year, I’ve been working on…… This. […]

On Saint Valentine’s Day

14th FebruaryMarked the day associated romantic love,When the tradition of courtly love flourished.When cupid is out there aiming for a hook up,You should not hide.When kisses swirl and words do peak into little tuffs of cotton,Enjoying the day with your loved one,Is just so RIGHT. いらしゃいますIrashaimase!!Greeted as we stepped into Nanakusa.The first customers on the […]

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