Breakfast & Beer

We woke up one morning greeted by bright sunny day in Glasgow.

One morning was spent on some healthy Scottish Farmhouse Breakfast
(£3.50 for large, £1.99 for smaller portion)

Hot Chocolate for £1.10

Another morning was spent on meaty dishes of Ale Steak Pie (£3.99) and a giant classic beef burger accompanied with chilled Carling beer (about £6.50 for burger and beer). Brunch to be precise.

Yeap. It happened at Lauders.
We just adore breakfast and beer here.

the man & his breakfast

Lauders Bar
76 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3DE
Tel: 0141 332 9690


Chris got me this cute Momiji doll! (hmm… perhaps I should start a collection).
You can visit their official website HERE

Momiji are block dolls bagged with a touch of femininity in the world of cool collectibles. I would now love to take a bow and say konichiwa to these cute dainty dolls. This is a cute collection of message-bearing friendship dolls from the land of the rising sun. I just love these hand-painted Japanese beauties that are set to take over the desks of designer doll fans. FYI, hidden inside every doll, there is a tiny folded card for your own secret message! I think I just found a new hobby.

I can’t wait for exams to be over soon.
We’re craving for another exciting holiday so badly! 🙂

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12 Replies to “Breakfast & Beer”

  1. O.o Breakfast and beer? We haven’t tried that yet, not even brunch and beer. Not bad, the price was quite ok. Yeah, can’t wait for the exams to be over!!

    Good luck to you!

  2. Bangsar-bAbE says: Reply

    Oooooo….that big breakfast looks stupendous!! There’s nothing like a huge breakfast with fat sausages, eggs and baked beans!

  3. woah, beer for breakfast??? omg! haha! the breakfast sets look good! just what we need for a good jumpstart!

    best of luck in your exams!!!

  4. breakfast with beer O.O”. I can’t even drink beer at night, haha~~ XD

    Wish u ALL THE BEST in ur exam!!

  5. dear…

    what is his stomach made of?!

    btw, i love the doll, it’s so kawaii. ut exam will over soon. where are you guys heading next? so much fun le

  6. ★ whoaamello ★ says: Reply

    Gaaah!! ABSOLUTELY love food in the west. It’s all meaty and yummy and… gaah. I’M HUNGRY NOW ):

  7. Big Boys Oven says: Reply

    ahahah i miss baked beans! so yummy delicious,…. I miss pan fried bacon! don’t forgetto get more yeah! 😉

  8. OMG. Look at that sausage. Slurp.

  9. Looking at your photo … swallowed my saliva. Deeeeeelicious !

  10. Compared to lauders, i would prefer wetherspoon 🙂

  11. BEER? for breakfast? WOW!

    but that’s a hearty breakie suitable for a scot for sure!

  12. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Sugar Bean~
    you guys shud try! ;P We see Scottish drink beer as breakfast! It would be an experience for sure. Just don’t get drunk early in the morning. ;P

    agreed. I love their big fat sausages. It was so good ^^

    thanks. glad it’s all over now 🙂
    it was definitely a hearty meal. Was so satisfying that morning for energy-gaining before we head off the streets 🙂 yummy.

    haha… once for us is enough tho.Still prefer to drink in the evening ;P and thanks!

    the doll very cute rite? plan to get summore.. haha
    first time having beer in the morning ;P quite syiok! still can tahan la…..his stomach. lol

    ★ whoaamello ★ ~
    thanks for visiting. Start your day with a satisfying breakfast has always been our first priority of the day! haha.. can’t have these always tho. ;P
    yea… western meals are mostly meaty.I like!

    Big Boys Oven~
    u want? I know how to cook! haha.
    But having these in an English bar makes it even yummier somehow ;P We’ll get more of these!

    Simon Seow~
    Big Fat Juicy sausages. They were the best on that plate 😉

    Timothy Low~
    haha.. good to know that we can make you salivate 🙂 Tried beer as breakfast before? It would be even lovely! haha…

    really? 🙂 We still prefer Lauders as it’s more cozy, referring to the branch in Glasgow.. as Wetherspoon is often jam-packed with people. Foodwise too.

    yea. Scotts here do that ;P That’s why drinking has become a major problem here. But we still consider ourselves wise drinkers… haha ;P

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