Arumugam’s Tandoori Chicken & Naan @ opposite Ampang Point, Off Jalan Ampang

If it wasn’t for Ken, we wouldn’t have tried the famous Tandoori Chicken at Ampang although the raves have been enormous; it just skipped our eat list somehow. The well-known Tandoori place that has been always referred to the one opposite Ampang Point & nestled next to a guitar shop (Galeri Guitar) within a hawker […]

Aik Yuen Restaurant @ Off Jln Pahang Barat, Setapak : Famous Hokkien Mee

You just gotta hunt down the hidden gems in the city Hokkien Mee this round! I have always been told about the great stories on the famous Hokkien Mee behind Tawakal Hospital. Despite the close distance from my workplace, and the boast from colleagues… visits were not made until recently. *pats forehead* We say: A […]

Malaysian Food. Never Tired of it.

I’m in trouble. I miss Malaysian Food. It’s true. The food here is almost predictable. Not much surprise. Yea. Western Food. Maybe I’ve not hang out much. Wouldn’t wanna empty my wallet in such a short duration. I had the enthusiasm to eat out, But the sparks just died off when I thought of walking […]

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