Arumugam’s Tandoori Chicken & Naan @ opposite Ampang Point, Off Jalan Ampang

If it wasn’t for Ken, we wouldn’t have tried the famous Tandoori Chicken at Ampang although the raves have been enormous; it just skipped our eat list somehow. The well-known Tandoori place that has been always referred to the one opposite Ampang Point & nestled next to a guitar shop (Galeri Guitar) within a hawker […]

Malaysian Food. Never Tired of it.

I’m in trouble. I miss Malaysian Food. It’s true. The food here is almost predictable. Not much surprise. Yea. Western Food. Maybe I’ve not hang out much. Wouldn’t wanna empty my wallet in such a short duration. I had the enthusiasm to eat out, But the sparks just died off when I thought of walking […]

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