MiniC2 Needs: Shnuggle Dreami® & Baby Bath

Whether you’re expecting your first child or your fourth, anxiety in the weeks leading up to your due date is a reality of life. There are always those people around me, eager to “warn” me about life with a baby…or two…or three—and how difficult it will be. You’re probably sweating over how you’ll manage everything—the […]

#miniC2 : Gender Reveal!

This pregnancy journey for me was definitely very different from my first one – as I’ve not had any morning sickness, felt more active and less weight gain. Haha. Oh well, I was younger back then I guess. You may read about my Week 20 Pregnancy Updates HERE. Still, we’re very overjoyed learning that there […]

Baby Newton Class Progress @ Brainfit Studio

Mini C is completing his 2nd month of playing while learning at Brainfit Studio! Read more about the introduction & why we chose Brainfit Studio for Mini C HERE! Mini C has been with Brainfit Studio for more than 2 months now as we’ve mentioned earlier, their program focuses on the work of 5 important […]

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