C ♥ C Wedding Diary: A Little Something for the Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

CLICK for full info 🙂 Our Wedding wouldn’t be a total complete fairytale if there weren’t any “heng-dais & ji-muis” a.k.a groomsmen & bridesmaids to fill up our puzzle. They have been such great helpers and we would love to thank them so sincerely that they’ll tear here after reading this post. At least we […]

♥ The Perfect Proposal ♥

Let’s take a little break away from food and indulge in our short love story… shall we? It’s funny and contented somehow when we both looked back on how it’s all started… From 2 strangers on the ice churning up a relationship, reaching where we are now ♥ And finally, during our 10th year… He decided […]

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