Southeast Asia’s Best Recreation

Southeast Asia is universally recognized as one of the most beautiful regions on the planet. There is a natural appeal that never seems to fade throughout the years. And beyond raw beauty there are a lot of ways to enjoy yourself in Southeast Asia. With all the attractions and amusements dotted around these countries, you […]

C ♥ C Taste of Melbourne, Victoria: 7D6N Travel Itinerary

What to do if you have One Week in Melbourne? 1. Brunch & Coffee Melbourne is food-obsessed, marvellously multicultural and a showpiece for Australian culture. Beyond city limits, Victoria offers soulful history, stirring wilderness and culinary excellence. Melbourne. No contest really. Hobart is the only other major city we’ve visited, and though it’s nice, it […]

Flight Club @ Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Could you describe your airport dining experience? Outrageously expensive? Bland? Not delicious? Never put high expectation on airport’s food? “It’s an airport I suppose so it’s never going to be the best value food that you will get” “Think the prices are absolutely outrageous for usually mediocre food.” Well, most will think this way. And […]

IHOP Restaurant (International House of Pancakes) @ Mall of Emirates

Hello IHOP Restaurant (International House of Pancakes)! IHOP was established since 1958 and has been the place where people connect over breakfast, chitter chatters and much more. The turn at many of Dubai’s brunch spots to haute cuisine left many generic pancakes behind. But not at IHOP, where you can find the lowly pancake elevated […]

Pangkor Laut Resort Spa Village & Lunch at Jamu Bar

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise on our last day at Pangkor Laut Resort! Read our Day 1 experience HERE Read our Day 2 experience HERE Our 3rd day at the Pangkor Laut Resort was spending almost half of our day at The Spa Village, a unique retreat that brings out the healing cultures […]

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