C ♥ C Taste of Melbourne, Victoria: 7D6N Travel Itinerary

What to do if you have One Week in Melbourne? 1. Brunch & Coffee Melbourne is food-obsessed, marvellously multicultural and a showpiece for Australian culture. Beyond city limits, Victoria offers soulful history, stirring wilderness and culinary excellence. Melbourne. No contest really. Hobart is the only other major city we’ve visited, and though it’s nice, it […]

Bangkok 5D4N: of Nom-Noms & Shopping Quick Guide

Shopping in Bangkok could be such a craze! I’m a happy girl… Spending Chris’s money ;P     SHOPPING was the essential activity we did in Bangkok! With limited time, here’s a little guide on how we shopped at Bangkok’s latest malls, wholesale spots and their popular markets. Eating was actually our part-time this trip! […]

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