Texas Roadhouse @ Dubai Mall, UAE

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Looking for a great cut of beef?
Then one will not be disappointed with Texas Roadhouse.
In the U.S, Texans understand that food and dining are integral parts of a great trip, and steakhouses are one of the most prized destinations for visitors alike. Living up to the Texas concept, they did a pretty great job on the interior of the restaurant, taking considerations on little details like vintage Pepsi signs, faux deer head wall mounts, vintage music player and a saddle in front of the restaurant. Since it’s a kid’s friendly restaurant, I think they could place a rodeo ride for kids to draw parents and kids in. That would be so cool.




Service was absolutely superb. Our table’s server is very high-spirited, friendly and knows what’s good on the menu, recommending us what to eat (good product knowledge). The staffs are all very attentive, always smiling and the idea of line dancing every one-hour was great. Perhaps they could get the patron’s attention by wearing cowboy hat and boots with spurs to create a jingling sound as they dance.



Love how they display their attractive cuts of beef near the entrance!




They also offer free peanuts to every patrons which is a big draw for customers. Not just any peanuts but huge, flavoured ones.



Complimentary bread served with honey mustard butter
A winning start. Their in house made bun was hot and soft. Perfected by the flavoured butter hands down.



Very affordable margarita maybe because it’s alcoholic! Haha
However lining the rim of the glass with sugar was unexceptionally rare and too sweet!
I prefer salt still.



Grilled shrimps – AED34 (single skewer)
Skewer of shrimp, seasoned nicely and drizzled with lemon pepper butter.
Very fresh prawns and great appetizer to go with the drinks. One great option of bar food. With hints of saltiness and peppery taste that elevated our taste buds.



Smoked buffalo wings – AED39
These lightly smoked chicken wings were a little salty when being eaten on its own. Better to pair with beer. And the use of blue cheese dip adds a different flavour to it in general. Spicy and a little salty at the same time. However, I personally find that these portions are too salty for me. Too heavily flavoured that it conquered the palate.
I still buy their combination of blue cheese with these wings.



Bone-in Ribeye – AED179
A 20oz cut of their most flavourful steak. This contains generous portion of fat with excellent flavor. It is only a little less tender than top loin but a lot more flavourful because of the rich marbling. The chargrilled aftertaste was also very memorable. Very value for money.




Dallas Fillet – AED99 (6oz or 170g)
One of their most tender cut. Seasoned and grilled beautifully. Every bite was juicy and the chargrilled after taste just stays in my mouth. Beautiful in pink!




Rib eye steak combo
Rib eye with Beef Rib – AED129
Rib eye as described earlier. And as for the beef rib, it’s one fall-of-the-bone rib! Can already tell its quality from here. Soft and very flavorful meat texture.
What I love about this combo?
It has the unique combination of exceptional leanness and fine marbling that makes it truly a cut above the rest. It’s a difference that one will taste with each juicy bite.



Also, Texas Roadhouse offers 2 side dishes to go with their beef and ribs!
And these sides are made from scratch.
Here are some of the sides that we ordered (price included as shown earlier):
Chicken Tortilla Soup



Baked Potato Soup



Texas Red Chili


All these soups are really rich and flavoursome. Every spoonful was very fulfilling and packed with strongs flavours from the respective ingredients.

Caesar Salad
Huge portion of salad for a side dish. But the dressings and combo were just ordinary.



Jalapeno Burger – AED55
Fried jalapeno and spicy mayo on an 8oz fresh ground burger with lettuce, tomato and onion. A gourmet burger that everyone would enjoy. Even the buns are homemade so it’s fresh and fluffy. The combination of spicy, salty flavours with great meat texture of the medium well patty and soft bun was worth ordering.


I would definitely return to Texas Roadhouse for more dining experiences with friends and family as they really do serve great steaks, ribs and best of all, we always feel welcomed with their warm hospitality and entertaining line dancing! Would be a big contender if they are to reach Malaysia ☺
Provided that they could maintain their standards and fair prices.

Texas Roadhouse
The Dubai Mall (LG112-2)
Fountain Restaurant Area – Lower Ground Level
Dubai, UAE

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