Know Exactly Where to Eat with Find. Eat. Drink.

Know Exactly Where to Eat with Find. Eat. Drink.

There’s nothing that quite influences our decisions to eat at a certain restaurant than the opinion of our friends. How many times have you found yourself excited about trying out a new restaurant in the area, only to decide to stay away because a friend shared his or her unpleasant experiences? As with any other industry, word of mouth is extremely important in the culinary industry, and many of us immediately turn to the opinions of others if we’re considering trying a new restaurant.

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This often presents us with a problem when we’re traveling, as we don’t always have friends in the places we’re visiting. However, a mobile app called Find. Eat. Drink. aims to eliminate this problem, putting all your restaurant recommendation needs in one sleek app. Think about it; with Gaming Realms, the operators of Free Bingo Hunter, saying that growth in mobile internet is among the strongest trends on the internet landscape to date, you probably already use your phone to look up restaurants before you drive over there anyway. Studies have even shown that restaurants are the most searched industry on mobile devices. Find. Eat. Drink. puts all of the information you could ever need into one app, cutting down the time you need to finally be able to decide where to eat.


But Find. Eat. Drink. doesn’t just give you recommendations from just anyone – all of the reviews on the app are from the industry’s experts themselves. Restaurateurs, sommeliers, and chefs come together to give their take on what are the best eating establishments in the area, so you know you’re in good hands when you read a review. The app is updated regularly, with reviews of over 5,000 restaurants in 200 cities, generated from the expert opinion of 700 professionals who know what they’re talking about. And with studies showing the reviews people leave online are actually swayed by the reviews they read, knowing that the person who is recommending a new restaurant to you is someone who knows his stuff can be quite reassuring.


Of course, the app is at the moment limited to some major cities, but aside from this, its obvious shortcoming is that it requires a working internet connection to be of any use. When traveling overseas, this can be quite the problem, as you don’t want to run up your mobile data charges. But if you’re staying at a hotel with free WiFi, this isn’t much of a problem either. In any case, the app’s free, and it does give you some great recommendations for places that truly embody the culinary spirit of a town.

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