Johor Bahru Trip for Singaporean


Any Singaporean will surely enjoy a visit to Johor Bahru because of the endless amount of activities waiting for you to explore. JB is truly a captivating city complete with a rich historical background, stunning skyline and amazing attractions.

Most Singaporeans will consider doing a one-day trip to JB for its close proximity and the attractive conversion rate. The abundance of activities and attractions will jam pack your day well.



Legoland JB is first Legoland theme park in Asia and sixth in the work. It is easily accessible from Singapore with the public bus service or express bus service that can be booked online instantly via Since the inception in 2012, Legoland has been proven to be a successful tourist destination, bringing joy and fun to loads of locals and tourists.

A fun filled holiday destination for families as well as a group of friends, with the 70 hands-on rides, slides, shows and attractions will surely make a full use of your day.



Located in Skudai Street, Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque is the state mosque of Johor Bahru. Being one of the oldest and enchanting mosque in Malaysia, the mosque boost a stunning view overlooking the Straits of Johor and Singapore. The mosque was fully completed in 1900 and the mixture of Moorish and Victorian architecture gives the mosque a picturesque outlook.

The mosque was commissioned by the ‘Father of Modern Johor’, the late Sultan Abu Bakar, and the massive mosque is able to accommodate more than 2,000 worshippers. Not to mention the mosque is also in close vicinity with The Royal Abu Bakar Museum that is another great place to visit.


Little did people know that Danga Bay is Johor Bahru’s first and largest mixed development, stretching across 25 kilometres along a scenic waterfront. As the first premier waterfront city, Danga Bay is the ultimate go to place for shopping since this is where you’ll find an abundance of high end retail outlets, designer boutiques and fine dines restaurants.

Besides the usual eateries and shopping heaven, Danga Bay is also consider as largest recreational park in the city, offering plentiful of exciting activities for people from all walks of life.


If your kids or children in your family love the game Angry Birds, you wouldn’t want to miss the Angry Birds Activity Park. The theme park is located conveniently in JBCC Mall, which is perfect for visitors from Singapore. The park offers a lot of interesting games and there are 5 zones designed around the popular game of Angry Birds.

The wide array of interactive activities is suitable for kids, toddlers and even parents but one might need to take note that age and physical restrictions may apply to certain games and attractions.


Johor Zoo first opened in 1928 and it is considered to be one of Malaysia’s oldest zoos. Endangered species are the highlight of the zoo with the likes of gorillas, flamingos and lions. It’s definitely a great place to visit with your family to unwind and educate your children about animals.


This is indeed a mysterious temple with no records of when was it built and who built it but an old plaque on the temple wall helps identify the temple was functional all the way back in the year 1870.

The Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple is a quaint place of worship, with 3 prayer halls in the temple premises with the display of various gods statues and antiques.


If you love learning about Chinese culture and history, the Chinese Heritage Museum is the perfect place to visit. It is a three storeys museum featuring the origins of Chinese culture. It doesn’t only exhibit the history of Malaysia, it also tackles some interesting facts about Singapore. You will learn about how the Chinese immigrants came to Malaysia and Singapore. It has a very tranquil environment so you will be able to take your time in scanning through the old coins, documents, porcelain, photos and other artifacts in the museum.


Walea Spa and Retreat is famous for offering the best spa services in the city. Its personalized spa boutique experiences make it unique from any other spa establishments. If you’re looking to have the ultimate relaxation experience during your visit, you should definitely try Walea Spa and Retreat. Their masseurs and masseuse are all highly certified to perform the treatments so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your own specialized pampering session.

There you go with the other options for exploring Johor Bahru aside from the usual City Square and JBCC Mall. For the best experience, you should start your trip to Legoland by booking your ticket online via After completing your journey in Legoland, you may explore the rest of the city.

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