Lexis Hibiscus @ Port Dickson: Staycation!


Us and Mini C are due for a vacation this break!
If you ever thought of Cuti-Cuti Malaysia & wanna skip the long drive up to Penang or down to Singapore, why not take a mini vacation like us?
Short family getaways can now be easy and fuss-free for both parents and kids.
Since we could only afford 2 days off, so Port Dickson would be an ideal getaway for us, for the time being. Plus, we still don’t dare to travel far with a baby. Yikes.
I can’t wait to bring Mini C out of the country when he’s older… like a year old? Hehe.
Meanwhile, we’re comfortable with holiday-ing in the country 🙂

Mini C in his staycation OOTD!

Photo 27-05-2015 12 09 24 pm

Photo 27-05-2015 10 38 01 am


And this time around, to a new resort nestled on Port Dickson’s beach and overlooking the fantastic view of waters from the Straits of Malacca. If only they have clear blue water. It would be so perfect. Like Maldives. Haha.
Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson showcases polished contemporary designs by award-winning architects, with floor-to-ceiling glass doors that allow natural light to enter. Both spacious bedroom and living areas in their 117 tower rooms (coming soon) and 522 Water Villas are tastefully decorated and complemented with avant-garde amenities.



Lexis Hibiscus is a dream resort, they said. Offering unparalleled level of luxury to experience the ultimate lifestyle. Resembling the Hibiscus flower, the resort is like a scenic launch pad of Port Dickson. We must said its design were pretty and reflected creativity and innovation as it encompasses the quality modern interiors,
outdoor entertaining areas, and great view.



Upon arrival at the reception counter, we were offered welcome drinks and served with a smile. Staff were friendly but they could take things slow. Perhaps they are very new so that didn’t really get on our nerves lol.
Plus, they upgraded us to their Premium Pool Villa! Thanks to Lexis Hibiscus 🙂
We actually booked their Executive Pool Vila for RM399++
So an upgrade? That’s quite a steal!


lexis blog1


Buggy service to our room 🙂 Take a ride!


Photo 27-05-2015 3 57 33 pm


At our room entrance. Love the mint wall so much!

Photo 28-05-2015 12 34 31 pm (1)


Let’s take a room tour 🙂 We stayed on the Hibiscus’s Petal!
Premium Pool Villa
Refining luxury living with a lavish range of exclusive features : a spacious living area equipped with two king-size beds, modern furniture and fittings. Accentuated with a full, clear floor-to-ceiling glass window, it offers a unique living and spatial experience.



Photo 27-05-2015 4 10 32 pm

Photo 27-05-2015 4 08 06 pm

  • located in the hibiscus petal area
  • glass panel on the floor to view the marine life below
  • 2 king beds
  • private dip pool and sauna in the balcony area
  • spacious bathroom







Photo 27-05-2015 4 12 23 pm

Photo 27-05-2015 4 13 06 pm




A mini photoshoot for our baby 🙂 We’re sure Mini C loves this place cos he LOL a lot!








Fancy a dip anytime? All accommodation rooms are equipped with your own private dip pool and steam room. Swimming with romantic sunsets lulled by the soothing lapping of waves in your very own room! We loved that. Plus Mini C get to enjoy the private session with us.



Photo 27-05-2015 10 18 56 pm

Photo 27-05-2015 5 36 14 pm

lexis blog2




Chris the big child LOL




Who says Panda can’t swim? He swims like a fish! 🙂

Photo 28-05-2015 4 29 21 pm




Sunset was beautiful <3

Photo 27-05-2015 19 15 50


The night view of the villas




At the moment, only Roselle Coffee House & Umi Japanese Dining are open for business. There will be more restaurants and lounge bar coming up soon. So I guess there will be a price hike in accommodation definitely.
We had their buffet breakfast at Roselle Coffee House.


  • If you plan to have breakfast at Roselle, remember to pre-book at their reception counter when you check-in.
  • RM35++ per pax for adult
  • RM45++ per pax for adult (for WALK IN)


Photo 28-05-2015 8 47 41 am

Photo 28-05-2015 8 09 37 am

Food varieties were great but there was one downside: FLIES! They should do something about it. Though the food were covered but there were some open areas too! Oh dear.
Dining al fresco was great though. Overlooking their common pool (which was not ready yet) hahaha.

Roselle Coffee House
Nicely nestled on the ground floor next to the main lobby overlooking the swimming pool and our water villa.
All Day Menu – A La Carte International Cuisine, Local Specialty And All-time, Favourite American Selection
Semi Buffet Lunch & Dinner With A Choice Of Main Course
Opening hours :

  • 7am till 10.30am (breakfast)
  • 10.30am till 22.30pm (all day menu)
  • 22.30pm till 01.00am (snack menu)


Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson is the epitome of relaxation, inspired by the concept of refined luxury. Enjoy your serene vacation with an added measure of indulgence and high-living.

Pictures time!

Photo 28-05-2015 12 34 50 pm


Our happy Mini C chilling on bed while Chris was busy COC-ing 🙂

Photo 28-05-2015 12 03 37 pm


After swimming, took bath and chill on our bed while waiting for dinner. This is life 🙂
Our first “feet-fie”! Papa C, Mama C and Mini C!

Photo 27-05-2015 19 11 29


Mini C enjoying his first foreign bed hehe. Fluffy pillows barricades!

lexis blog3


Ohana means Family 🙂

lexis blog


Chilling out at night at the playground



Taking a stroll after breakfast

Photo 28-05-2015 9 58 07 am


What else to do at Lexis Hibiscus?

Rent bicycles and also recumbent bikes to cycle around the resort!



Where next for staycation?
Chris!! hehe..

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7 Replies to “Lexis Hibiscus @ Port Dickson: Staycation!”

  1. Looks like a really fun family vacation 🙂 We used to bring our kids to PD only too for holidays cos too worried to fly long distances with them 😛

  2. Looks wonderful, am tempted to go there but do wondering how Christine actually booked their Executive Pool Vila for RM399++…

    1. Hi Liping,

      We managed to do so as we booked during their promo period and they upgraded us to their Premium Pool Villa 🙂

      1. That’s awesome!! You guys are so lucky:)

  3. Hi christine, if u still remember, was there any room service menu in the room?

    1. Hi Dylia,
      Sorry for the late reply. There were no room service during our stay as it was pretty new. Think they should have it now.

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