A Piece of Me: The Smooth Criminal (Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake)

It was during Baby Cayden’s Fullmoon when we get to check out something richly indulgent… I couldn’t think of anything more perfect for us than an overdose of chocolate and peanut butter to the highest degree. Thanks to A Piece of Me, specializing in home-baked cakes (a home-based baker), Cayden’s fullmoon was accompanied with: The […]

Sunday Brunch @ Maison Francaise, Jalan Changkat Kia Peng, KL

Brunch has been a typically American phenomenon, However, during our visit in France, we learnt that brunch has taken the French by storm. Over the last ten years, one of the most common new food establishments in Paris has been cafés specializing in Sunday Brunch. Like all French meals, French brunch is served in courses. […]

Butter + Beans At Seventeen @ Happy Mansion

It’s been a while since we hang out around Happy Mansion. It was during our BFF Aiwei’s birthday when we decided to settle down in this petite cafe, adjourning the tittle tattles of our Coffee Club meet-up with kampungboycitygal too 🙂 Other Coffee Places review HERE 🙂 Dining & chilling at Butter + Beans at […]

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