Wondermilk Cafe @ Publika, KL

Our ideal day of day off is not complete with a morning spent in one of its many cafes at Publika. This would be our first visit to Publika since my confinement days are over and we are quite particular on the dining environment nowadays, unlike last time.
Because we have a Mini C with us. Hehe.
We have to make sure the surroundings are not too noisy cos he’s such a light sleeper, clean cos he’s still less than 3 months old, cooling & cosy so that he will feel comfortable. When he’s comfortable, we would be comfortable too while enjoying our food. Haha.


As our main purpose of the outing was to bring Mini C for pictures with the 1600 pandas (it’s only until tomorrow!), we had brunch at Wondermilk 🙂
And I’ve a thing for cute cafes. I don’t mind spending my off day daydreaming about cozying up indoors with a hot chocolate or coffee in a cute cafe.

We’ve known Wondermilk as a place for just cupcakes as they originated as the creator of unique cupcake phenomenon in Klang Valley labeled as “Cuppacakes” which most of us would order for friend’s birthday during my Uni days. Ever since they evolved from solely cute cupcakes to
popular urban café named Wondermilk Café, we didn’t really pay attention to them until recently. Oops! They serve hot food too okay 🙂



Wondermilk café serves breakfast, brunch to dinner and besides just a coffee and cake, one of the menu’s highlights is their cupcakes of course.
I love the whole design of the cafe as it’s beautifully designed with touches of youthful, colourful, vibrant & cheerful ambiance. Also a children-friendly place with a kids corner 😉





It’s also the perfect spot to pick up gifts for friends, as some of their cakes and biscuits are already beautifully gift wrapped 🙂





Say what you will about cupcakes, but we’re getting not over them. I personally love cupcakes (Chris don’t) if they are not too sweet. So I usually prefer butter cream icing over those sugary icing. I love looking at them though, cos they are pretty.
What are your thoughts on cupcakes?
Like any trend, the cupcake trend soared so high and fast that many people started questioning: “What’s so great about cupcakes, anyway?”
But we thought they do still capture many people’s heart eyes. Haha. And I’m one of them.



Many cupcakes to choose from with different flavours & designs at Wondermilk.




Hot Chocolate – RM8
Flat White – RM8
Said to be freshly brewed, but I think you could probably forget about getting a good cuppa here as the hot chocolate wasn’t as rich as it claimed to be. And as for the coffee, it wasn’t up to our expectation too. Pure bitterness with no aroma. Hmm… That’s pretty bad huh.
Maybe our perfect cup of coffee is served in a proper cup with beautiful latte art on it to cheer our day up. LOL!

Photo 21-01-2015 12 09 13 pm


Howdy Folks – RM19.90
Chicken sausage, toast, scrambled eggs, turkey ham, potatoes, sautéed mushroom, cherry tomatoes & fruit salad. Was recommended by their friendly staff to try their breakfast bestseller. Scrambled eggs was too dry 🙁
Others were alright but nothing really to shout about.



Baked Potato with Chicken filing – RM12.90
You can choose between chicken, tuna or beef rasher but we chose chicken. Brimmed with cheese & chicken cubes, this is one sinfully filing portion. Loaded with carbs, protein & dairy! Chris is not a big fan but I liked it because I love baked potatoes!




Mushroom Melt Sandwich – RM13.90
Stackes of sauteed mushrooms grilled with cheese on their homemade soft white bread baked daily. This order saves the day! Our favourite among all, flavoursome mushrooms with cheese sandwiched in between! But we find the overall presentation kinda dry with their toasted bread & fries as sides. Tastewise, it was good.



**We guess Wondermilk are better off with Cupcakes overall. Yikes!

A day out with 1600 + 1 Pandas!
Dressed Mini C up in matching Panda outfit 🙂


OOTD: all from H&M

Through this collaboration with the artist, French sculptor Paulo Grangeon using recycled paper, 1,600 sculptures may sound like quite an amount but in truth, they represent the alarming number of pandas left in the wild. Gasp!
The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) aims to raise awareness on the state of our natural environment and the importance of panda conservation efforts and sustainable development.




Lot G2-7/G2-8
Publika Solaris Dutamas
Tel: +603 6211 1092

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  1. I like the name you gave to your baby mini c haha nice, and yes sometimes it becomes difficult for us to cheer up with little babies because they need to sleep all the time and they get disturbed with noise , no doubt the whole place and environment seems awesome in the pictures and ofcourse the one thing they are famous for cupcakes they must be delicious , I’ll soon visiting this place thank you for sharing it xx stay blessed 🙂

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