Podgy & The Banker @ Sri Hartamas, KL

**All pictures below were taken with iPhone5

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Coffee shops are a rising star in the specialty eatery industry.
While last orders ring for struggling pubs, independent coffee shops are booming 🙂
Yes this post is coffee related again. We think our blog has somehow turn into brimming reviews of caffeine. Pardon us but we just got to share one more. *bats eyelashes*
Our gathering nowadays aren’t stationed in shopping malls or Starbucks any longer. Well, we’re very spoilt with choices of cafes that are themed homely, hip, back to nature or even minimalism. The cafe trend has portrayed a rapid growth, with most coffee shop market is defying all previous expectations as coffee wins the hearts and wallets of many local consumers. There appears to be no end to the trend to café culture!

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And just so you know, most new cafés these days are either manned by the same group, or they venture out creating a fresh brand. Alike this latest café that we visited, it is related to some of the cafes like Butter + Beans at Seventeen & Wood and Steel Cafe. If you’ve heard of another new spot named Feeka at Jalan Mesui, this is established by the folks behind Food Foundry and Butter + Beans at Seventeen too!
Please don’t be confused by us and visit all of them to feel the difference 🙂

This spacious & smartly outfitted outlet that we’re talking about?

Podgy & The Banker



Podgy & The Banker is settled perfectly at the suburban row of Sri Hartamas shoplots, on the same row as My Elephant. With Adam & Neil, the brilliant boys of Sections 17’s Butter + Beans, they now run this vibrant & breezy café here. Ambiance was warm, cosy & bright (perfect for pictures), upscaled wooden furnitures & music is up-beat. They use Kuda Mas, a single origin Mandheling variety with dark, well-rounded taste that complemented by hints of cocoa. A familiar aroma & taste that we once had at Espresso Lab. Just got to know that their desserts are from Lids and Finch in Damansara, Accidental Bakers and Fat baby Ice Cream.

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Mocha – RM10

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Flat White – RM10

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In keeping with the cafe’s simplicity, their breakfast menu offers a simple fix & reasonably priced. Sometimes, simple gets the more complicated things right 🙂 These time-saving and easy breakfast ideas definitely gave our body the kick-start that we need on New Year’s Day! By the way, we were there for lunch instead as we woke up late thanks to the NYE Party. Haha.

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We had their breakfast items on the menu that was priced from RM8-14.
They also offer sandwiches at RM12-14

Here’s our simplicity at its best day!
As you can see, the boys ordered almost everything on their breakfast menu, which are mostly eggs!
So on New Year’s Day, we had an Egg-citing Feast!

French Toast with Nutella & Banana – RM10

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Poached Eggs on Toast – RM10

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Omelette – RM14

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Bruschetta with Ham & Eggs – RM12

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Scrambled Eggs – RM8

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Our BFF IVY‘s birthday is tomorrow! So we decided to shower her with cakes and gifts on her pre-special day! 🙂 With Kampungboycitygal & Ivy 🙂

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And we cheered over coffee! Happy New Year!

Photo 01-01-2014 11 15 17 pm

The BFFs <3
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Their rustic wooden table top made perfect backgrounds for pictures on it!

Photo 01-01-2014 02 16 23 pm

Podgy & The Banker
Ground Floor, No.2,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 8,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Operation hours : 9am – 12am, except Tuesdays.

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  1. Iphone takes equally amazing pictures doesn’t it? Thanks for the recommendation =)

    1. Thanks Sharon 🙂
      Yea sometimes just gotta depend on our little gadget. but also provided that the environment is bright enough too haha 🙂

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