Madame Waffle @ Mid Valley Megamall

**Photos below taken with iPhone 6 Plus**

Trend alert!
Waffles, waffles, everywhere waffles.
First it was cupcakes, then it was donuts, and now it seems to be waffles 🙂
It’s amazing the things you can do with a waffle iron. I’m sure you’ve all seen on Pinterest how people use their waffle irons to cook prepackaged cinnamon rolls, or the very basic egg waffles with different types of toppings these days. What will they think of next?

Photo 04-02-2015 4 11 36 pm

Speaking about waffles, butter is one of the first toppings that was used to make Belgian waffles even tastier. Simple and effective, there’s not much that can beat freshly baked Belgian waffles with melted butter. Of course, this standard pairing is also enjoyed with maple syrup!
Belgian waffles are enjoyed by people all over world and each region has its own favourite toppings and variations.
Have you ever wondered who came up with the terrific idea to drizzle maple syrup on to light, fluffy Belgian waffles? Or where they were first teamed with chicken or bacon? Why are sweet toppings more popular in some parts of the world, and why would you never pour gravy on to delicious Belgian Waffles in Belgium?
We thought the next thing they could think of is to put sambal on top! Haha…

Back to one of people’s favourite waffle place located at Mid Valley:

Madame Waffle

Photo 04-02-2015 4 03 59 pm

A Japanese style quick-service cafe serving artisan Belgian waffles, specialty coffee and green tea. This space located on the top floor of Mid Valley aims to cater towards the need for fast moving foods amidst the busy and fast-paced city, for leisure & a need for quick bites.
The waffles are prepared using the finest ingredients imported from Japan and baked fresh daily on site!
Waffles & coffee are perfect match 🙂

Matcha Latte – RM10

Photo 04-02-2015 4 12 59 pm


Hot Chocolate – RM10
Very rich & not too sweet.

Photo 04-02-2015 4 12 38 pm

Photo 04-02-2015 4 13 35 pm


Madame Signature – RM16
Green Tea waffle, matcha gelato, strawberries and whipped cream with azuki beans.
A partnership made in heaven!
Whipped cream has long enjoyed a successful partnership with Belgian waffles. That’s old school. This Japanese inspired waffle order has all the taste & texture that I loved. Hot fluffy waffle, with hints of green tea scent, cold green tea gelato to match, sourish strawberries & the sweetness from the red beans. So yummy 🙂

Photo 04-02-2015 4 12 06 pm

Photo 04-02-2015 4 11 23 pm

Photo 04-02-2015 4 15 05 pm


Original Waffle – RM 5.90
Vanilla infused waffle with pearl sugar. Just have to check out their original waffles since it was our first time here.
Besides this, they also have Chocolate, Matcha, White Chocolate, Honey, Cinnamon & Coffee flavour 🙂

Photo 04-02-2015 4 12 28 pm

Photo 05-02-2015 11 25 06 am

Perhaps the next time we wanna organize a tea party, waffles would be a great option is we’re bored of cupcakes & donuts. Haha!

Madame Waffle
T-045, Level 3 Mezzanine,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur
Note: Above the GSC Cinema level (take the escalator up from across Magnum Cafe)

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  1. Gave the regular (honey) waffle a go.. Wasn’t much to shout about. Maybe try a second offering next time round but, to be honest, I wouldn’t go out of my way. Lol.

    Cute name though!

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