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When one visit Ipoh, besides making our gastronomic way through all the delicious Ipoh delicacies like the Taugeh Ayam, Ipoh Hor fun, “yeung liu” (or yong tau foo), White Coffee, Tau Foo Fah and even Dim Sums, we would also love to visit pastries shop to get some pastries as souvenirs for friends and family too! We’re pretty sure you would do the same.



Then why not visit the “first bakery shop” located in Ipoh New Town?
Since it’s the “first” we’re pretty absolute that it’s old. Well, old enough almost reaching a century! Started since 1918, Guan Heong have been producing various types of traditional biscuits with 95 years of recognition & significance. Being innovative in diversifying their business to match the market needs, they’ve included a larger variety of pastries & desserts such as Heong Pheah, Pong Pheah, Salted Tau Sar Pheah, peanut candy, sweet sesame crispies, sweet rice crispies, bridal cakes, mooncakes and many more.


Good news for people who don’t have time to visit Ipoh at the moment but still craves for Guan Heong’s pastries! Besides retail selling, they are doing delivery within West Malaysia too to ease their customers from other states. You could either contact them via Tel: 05-2412399 / 017-5736277 or order through email: And we assure you, the fillings of ingredients would be still as fresh and crispy ‘cos we’ve tried them personally!

Comes with boxes of individual packagings, this would ensure its freshness too.






Meat Floss with Salted Egg & Lotus Paste Biscuit (Best Seller)
Being a first-timer trying out this combination of meat floss, lotus and salted all together, we love its crispy outer pastry layer which has the buttery taste and the mixture of texture you get from the combo of fillings. A little sweet and salty taste that compliments well with each other.




Meat Floss with Lotus Paste Biscuit
This is the version without the salted egg yolk.




Dried Pork with Lotus Paste Biscuit
Imagine having dried pork stuffed into your mooncake. This is what you get! Another great combination of flavours & texture that we love.




Since the Mooncake / Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner this year, we suggest you should try Guan Heong’s Shanghai Mooncake!
Shanghai Mooncake
Even by just smelling the outer layer, you could catch a scent of the buttery smell. Indeed, with a soft buttery crispy outer layer and not overly sweetened lotus & nuts filling 🙂 Looks like I’m gonna order more for the upcoming Mooncake Festival! Maybe you should give it a try too!




To get more information of Guan Heong and how to order online, kindly check out their:
FB Page:

Guan Heong Biscuit Shop
160, Jalan Sultan Iskandar, 30000 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-2412399 / 017-5736277
Office Hour: Mon – Sat : 9am to 7pm ; Sun: 10am to 3pm

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