Standing Theory @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

Looks like we’re having a nation ‘café culture’ crush. Double or nothing, coffee is social and economic currency the world over; whether you’re working or playing. And now we’re looking at many dedicated group of establishments where coffee making is treated like an art, or at least a high form of craft.
I myself used to be in a nation of tea-lovers, but over recent year, my taste have shifted from leaf to bean, joining Chris 🙂
“Sudah jadi kawan baik dengan kopi” Haha.


Well, we would really much love to understand more on the coffee theory. So off we went, “wazing” out for a new theoretical cafe in the neighbourhood of SS2. We were driving into a housing area and there sits a coffee house on a less busy commercial row in SS2.



Standing Theory




A very simple cafe with minimalist decorations and it’s it surely isn’t cluttered. We call it pretty as we love minimalism decos. Unfinished wall and floors with contrast chairs, cute plumbing stools and vintage bare bulbs pendant light.




Remember to #standingtheory on Instagram 🙂




One of the men behind this cafe 🙂



Here on their chalkboard 🙂
Their menu is limited but we’re sure they are offering more surprises soon. Plus, good things doesn’t need too many Haha.





Standing theory also serves single origin coffee but we tend to end up with house blend most of the time for a start in a new place for us. 🙂
I’m no Coffee Connoisseur but is now starting to learn to find the right body in coffee. And as for Standing Theory, their coffee is more light bodied compared to Coffee Societe’s, Coffee Stain or even Butter + Beans. And Chris describes about it being a little tangy too. Which is good.

Cappuccino – RM10



Flat White – RM10



VD Roll – RM13
The name sounds cool but what’s a VD Roll? It’s drawn on their chalkboard menu itself 🙂 We see pork, garlic, pepper, chilies, cucumber, carrot & baguette. Standing theory is one rare coffee specialist that serves pork. Does it pay off? We have to say yes as we love this roll. Not to mention that the baguette is hard (everyone knows that) and I’m no big fan of baguette, but their house made pork patty is great. They’ve put in chilies into the pork patty that gave it a tinge of spiciness.
Chris says the baguette is crunchy though but I personally prefer softer bread Haha.





BBC Waffle – RM13
Belgian waffles with Fatbaby cornflakes ice cream & banana, topped with crispy house-cured pork bacon!
Feed me please LOL.
Totally love the combination of banana and bacon together. What more to ask when they paired these smartly with waffles and cornflakes ice cream! Speaking of just waffles alone, we have preference towards the serving at Top Brew instead 🙂



Cakes & Coffee – the perfect match.
Too full to try. Next round perhaps 🙂


We would say this cafe is a nice spot to read & spend the rest of the afternoon sipping your cuppa doing small talks. We would like to return to laze around sometime again which is kinda hidden in the neighbourhood 🙂 Would you? Tell us.


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Standing Theory
26, Jalan SS2 / 103.
47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: +6016 212 4421
Opening hours:
Tue – Sun: 11am – 11pm

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  1. this is another coffee place that some of my friends went and don want to tell. . hhehe

    now i know

    1. they r afraid u made this place too popular! hehe 🙂

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