Afternoon Tea @ The Orchid Room, Tea Lounge @ The Majestic Hotel, KL

I have been nagging Chris for a short holiday to the Cameron Highlands Resort for a retreat while enjoying a relaxing afternoon tea session up in the cool surroundings, but due to time constrain lately, we worked on something else 🙂
Just when we needed some break from work, a browse through the net for “Hi Tea in KL” and Majestic pops out.
Dated the BFF along for the girly catch up and here we are:

The Tea Lounge @ Majestic Kuala Lumpur
The Orchid Room (to be precise) 🙂

The Tea Lounge is elegantly located open to the breezes off the lawn fronting the hotel. There are cosy arrays of arm chairs with vintage table lamps chanting subdued lightings that provide a beautiful setting for an English Afternoon Tea 🙂 Along with a pianist playing the classy chords with his grand piano, relaxation is bliss.

But we prefer a different environment this round. Since we have showed love for The Lobby Lounge @ Ritz Carlton KL. Tee-Hee 😀




The Orchid Room is actually Majestic KL’s Orchid Conservatory,showcasing a hanging garden and orchidscape within a glass atrium. We would say it is definitely one botanical wonder that you would love to see and experience.
The conservatory features a seasonal range of phalaenopsis orchids; with thousands of stunning large-petaled blooms displayed in a re-creation of their natural habitat. As the seasons progress, so do the variety of orchids on display changes!
FYI is room is maintained at a lower temperature thus it’s very cooling when seated inside. OMG! My Cameron Highlands retreat “feel-alike”! *grin*
**Please do take note that due to limited seats in the Orchid Room/ Conservatory, an advance reservation/ booking is certainly necessary to avoid disappointment.










C&C ♥




The afternoon tea set is inclusive of:

  • One pot of Majestic Tea
  • 6 food items can be chosen for RM68++ and 8 items for RM78++ (comes in pretty tiers)
  • An additional RM20++ per pax will be charged if you wish to be seated in the Orchid Room
  • These Bites come in pairs, thus one order is sufficient for 2
  • This treat runs from 3pm – 6:30pm daily

UPDATED (as of July 2013): Price have been revised as below:

  • RM88++ per pax (if choose to be seated in the Orchid Room)
  • RM48++ per pax (tea lounge area)
  • RM68++ per pax (if choose to be seated in the Drawing Room)



Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage
– Catherine Douzel



Love their teapots and teacups as they are stately fine china. One let down was, they don’t provide teapot warmers like Ritz Carlton do. As we were seated in a cooler room, the tea gets cold fast.
Alfalfa, Tuna mayo, Smoked salmon, Foie Gras sandwiches were great
Deep fried potato balls, deep fried Quail Eggs, Curry Puffs incorporating a Malaysian twist.
Mini Beef slices Sandwich were tender & sweet as well.




Photo 09-06-2013 11 02 16 PM-1



We love all the cakes & tarts they serve!
Ranging from mixed berry tarts, rapsberry cheese tart, Chocolate & Orange éclair, peanut butter shortcake.
**However, their Scones were a let down. Dry and lack of buttery taste & texture.









BFF from OZ ♥


Verdict: Perfect environment. Great desserts & savouries (except the scones) but lack of tea choices 😛

The Orchid Room, Tea Lounge
The Majestic Hotel
5 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2785 8000

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23 Replies to “Afternoon Tea @ The Orchid Room, Tea Lounge @ The Majestic Hotel, KL”

  1. so pretty!!! i wanna go ahhh

    1. let’s go again! 😀

  2. Oooo this is a really lovely setting for afternoon tea. Need to go try soon 🙂

    1. You’ll love it gal 🙂
      A different and gorgeous setting for hi-tea 😀

  3. nike free run 2…

    It was extremely valuable for me. Keep sharing this sort of concepts in the foreseeable future as nicely. This was really what I was seeking for, and I am glad to came listed here! Many thanks for sharing such a info with us….

  4. simply gorgeous! love the orchid room and tea here:)

    1. yes dear. Really gorgeous! 🙂

  5. Very nice and I’ve always wanted to go! Can I know how much in total u’ve paid for three person? I actually called for reservation, and they told me it’s RM88++ per person, we have 4 ppl, the lady said in total its gonna be around RM410! Which I thought its RM68/78 for six or eight food item and per set is enough for two, and extra RM20/pax for the orchid room. Am I right? =/ Help me!

    1. Hi Lola,
      Yea during our visit it was set at the price of RM68/78 for six or eight food item. I’m not too sure whether they’ve now standardized it to RM88++ per set now, as a friend of ours who went recently also told us that it’s about RM80 plus per set.
      Yeap and u r right about an additional RM20 per pax to book the orchid room.
      You can also ask about sharing dear, as one set is sufficient for two 🙂

      1. Thanks so much for your efficient reply and advice. I’ll give them a call and ask about the sharing, RM410 is way too much, and they even told me per person gets about 15 food item, how to finish?! LOL

  6. very nice! tin of going there for bday celebration! but wondering whether there r any other food to order except tea set? like pasta, steak etc?

    1. Hello Kent 🙂 I’m afraid they don’t cos the Tea Lounge mainly serve afternoon tea sets. But if you would like to have main meals, you could go for their Colonial Cafe at Majestic too!
      We’ve not tried it and would love to check them out soon!

  7. So beautiful ..if we’re going for 3 ? How is it babe?

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  9. Should I make a reservation before I go? Is it a lot of people? Thank you

    1. Hi kchoong 🙂
      Yes, you should make a reservation, it would be crowded especially on weekends.
      Hope you will enjoy 🙂

  10. If we come in with 4people, which means we must order 2 sets or it depends on ourselves?

    1. Sorry gal 🙂 just saw ur comment. Replied you via FB 🙂

  11. may I know how to following u ? Do u Hv fb ?

    1. Hi Siew 🙂
      You can follow our FB page: Brought up 2 Share
      Thanks! 🙂

  12. wanna to book>? how?

  13. […] Orchid Conservatory, showcasing a hanging garden and orchidscape within a glass atrium (review HERE), this session have been one of our favourite whether we’re looking to book an afternoon tea […]

  14. […] call in advance to avoid disappointment especially The Orchid Conservatory where seats are limited. How I wish I have joined the girls in The Orchid Conservatory before the readjustment of the price, those orchids are so […]

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