Brainfit Studio: Mini C enters 2nd Term!

Mini C has completed his 1st Term of playing while learning at Brainfit Studio!

Time really flies!

Read more about the introduction & why we chose Brainfit Studio for Mini C HERE!


2nd Term at Brainfit Studio!

Can’t believe it has been 3 months since Mini C joined Brainfit Studio.
Our child is very curious, and putting him in such a setting enhances his development.
Exploring different activities each week makes him more daring to try new things and he’s just too active to sit in and listen I guess. So I really hope more sessions can train his discipline and learn how to obey instructions.


Mini C will turn 21 months soon & he’s still in the Baby Newton CLass. Not long to go before he joins the Baby Einstein Class at 25 months. That reminds me he will turn 2 soon! *wipes tears of touch*

Baby Newton Class 13 & 14

More obstacle course to explore.
Although he’s easily distracted, I find that he’s more willing to explore eg: climb around, loves jumping on trampoline (except obeying instructions to throw balls into net – still loves to do his own thing haha)







Sit down classes

  • Flash Cards / Vocab Cards
  • Visual & Concept
  • Memory
  • Fine motor training

He can do pretty well at home but not in class. The Teacher hardly hear him speak, which made me worry. He can recite A-Z and say words, sing songs at home but he’s too shy to do so in class.
And he just couldn’t sit still.
However, when he loves the activity, he will be more focused. Especially memory games! Haha.




Played dressing up mommy in accordance to Teacher’s instructions using the doll. Ended up playing dress the Baby instead cos Mini C don’t listen. Yikes!




Music & Movement
Still ace in this. Guess he loves music and movements a lot.
Now they are progressing to use Drums & march around.




Pretend Play
Mini C don’t like parachute and keeps running away. Haha!



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**BrainFit Studio is offering FREE TRIAL CLASS for their newly launched Baby & Junior programmes! Call them for more info and appointments.
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