Brainfit Studio: Curriculum and Topics!

Questions from other parents began to struck me:

“When are you planning to send your child to pre-school?”
3 or 4 I guess – an answer of uncertainty.

“You can even send him now!” they said
Still being skeptical cos I send him to playschool like Brainfit now. I personally don’t think he needs and pre school program yet
However, I started surveying for pre-schools or Montessori lately. #kiasuparent lol
And I made up my mind.

No pre-school until he’s 3! Well maybe 2.5 years cos he’s a year end baby. Haha.

Meanwhile, we’re sticking to Brainfit Studio as I find that curriculum & topics are very important. And Brainfit kept their curriculum as stimulating as possible.

We still believe that children learn best when they play. Education comes along with their development stages and that’s the later part. At every age, they develop their language skills, fine motor & gross motor. A lot of importance is given to develop their cognitive skills and logical thinking.

Most importantly, every child learns at his own pace. So I don’t really like to force Mini C.
At certain times when people start to compare, I would try to just listen and give no comments.

Mini C is 21 months now!
Still at their Baby Newton Class that caters toddlers from 17 months – 24 months 🙂
Finishing his 4th month there now!


You may see a boring repetitive obstacle course but it’s not. Every week, it will change. This gives them a chance to explore new corners and textures aiming at a few areas that has to be focused on:

  • Integrated movement through Obstacle Course
  • Sensory proprioception through tactile steps
  • Balance
  • Hand–eye coordination through aiming & throwing




Flash Cards / Vocab Cards
Focused on the sound of words (phonics), getting them to be more sensitive to word sounds.



Visual & Concept
That includes finding the opposites! Still needs to work hard in this!


On location, detail & sequence.
Like dressing the doll up! And not forgetting about having fun as well. Haha!




Music & Movement
New activity using a small drum and following movements like knee bending, marching forward, back wards & turning around.






Story telling


Read more about the introduction & why we chose Brainfit Studio for Mini C HERE!


BrainFit Studio Malaysia
Lot 118, First Floor, The Curve Mall
Mutiara Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603 7710 0273 / +012 217 9921
**BrainFit Studio is offering FREE TRIAL CLASS for their newly launched Baby & Junior programmes! Call them for more info and appointments.
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