Tako’s Journey with Mimos Pillow!

We have been using Mimos Pillow for our little Tako for about 4 months plus now and it was very promising when we noticed such great improvement to his head shape.


During his “more baby days”, when he’s less wriggly, he used to sleep either flat or only on one side (Yes, he can sleep quite well and we’re very thankful for that). Afraid of waking him up, we seldom turn him. Noticing about his “not-so-round” head shape, I bought him a dimple pillow (pillow with a hole in the middle) online. Bad move – it got worse. I even changed his dimple pillow to a memory foam pillow, but that just wouldn’t help much.


Look at the number of different pillows we’ve tried!

Our recent discovery on Mimos Pillow was a saviour as it worked on reversing and also preventing Flat Head Syndrome.

From the Mimos team’s house visit, Papa C and I got to know about Plagiocephaly.

Tako’s head getting assessed
When he was about 7 months

Plagiocephaly – also known as ‘Flat Head Syndrome’, is a disorder that affects the skull, making the back or side of baby’s head appear flattened.

What are the signs of plagiocephaly?

  • ​A persistent flat spot on the back of the head – either across the back or on one side
  • A bald patch on the head corresponding to the area that baby predominantly lies on
  • Flattening of the opposite side of the forehead
  • Uneven positioning of the ears
  • One eye may appear lower and/or smaller than the other
  • An increased head height toward the back of the head
  • A tendency to turn the head to one side

Well, plagiocephaly might seemed a very small term in Malaysia as the awareness is still poor. But after learning about it, we think we should share our thoughts and most importantly, the RESULT – after using it for a few months!

How to choose the Right Pillow & Size for your Baby?

Measuring Head Circumference is definitely a first, in which all of us don’t really do it as most conventional baby pillows are of “free size”.
Also, try placing a hand below baby’s neck to check if there’s too much gap. It should be just nice. High pillows with too much gap may cause baby to choke on saliva while sleeping.


I was enlightened by these little facts and very happy to find out about the details now.

Mimos Pillow is no ordinary “dimple pillow”, as it is categorised as a Medical Class 1 Approved Baby Pillow with certification.


How it works?

By reducing pressure! It provides 4x times less pressure, protecting baby’s soft head from flattening on the back or side of the head. And most importantly, it is soft & comfortable, and baby is happy to sleep on it!


🤗Suitable from Newborn onwards! (from premature to toddler)

Quote “broughtup2share” for RM15 off 🤗

Though he’s always off his pillow most of the time when he sleeps now, we will still try to place him back whenever we sees that he’s off.

Tako’s using M size now

Our Happy Takoball’s head is round now! Hehe

mimos1 mimos2

Even I get to try on it, and felt my head is being lifted up – no direct pressure on the surface.


More pictures on his previous measurements experience!

DSC00712 DSC00715 DSC00718 DSC00717

For more info on Mimos Pillow:

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