Happy Mommy, Happy Baby with Haenim UV Sterilizer!

Sterilizing is no easy task. It is very tedious and requires too much effort. The most dreaded part would be the work that you have to do after the sterilization process: the drying process – should we just wipe it off or air-dry it? This is a normal scenario when you’re using a regular baby bottle sterilizer. All parents would know what I am talking about. The two final steps seem to defeat the purpose of sterilization!

I wanna say, Haenim UV Sterilizer = All mom’s (also dad’s) saviour!

I often fuss about drying my bottles ??? and breast pump parts as they take time & took up lots of space! Its design and colour also matches our kitchen perfectly! ???
So this is an essential and must-have. Haha! ❤️


A must-have? Here’s why!

1. No Burn Risk

Haenim does not use steam or hot water, making it very safe to use.

2. No Water Mess & Spots

Since Haenim uses UV to sterilize, you won’t have to deal with water spots, mineral deposits and wet counter-tops; you don’t need to worry about having molds growing on bottles or other parts. Also, no need to regularly descale deposits that accumulate in steam sterilizer machines.


3. Improved Drying Power!

The auto cycle dries the items first before UV sterilizing.

Haenim is hassle-free and definitely saves time, which is a precious commodity to any parent. PTC Ceramic heater 100% dries up your milk bottle and other items. It dries the items inside the UV cabinet and eliminates the extra step of air drying or cloth wiping. This is the most tedious task for me and I love the fact that Haenim has solved this problem. No more transferring  of bottles to a drying rack and no more cloth-wiping: it’s guaranteed to be more hygienic!


4. Kills 99.9% bacteria!

The perfect sterilizer with dual OSRAM UV lamp with better coverage, kills 99.9% bacteria!

5. Connect & Control via your SmartPhone! 

The steriliser can also be controlled via an app on your phone using Bluetooth Technology, which makes things a lot easier to change its settings.


6. Large Capacity

Love its large capacity. Since Haenim is a cabinet type UV sterilizer, it also serves as storage after the sterilization process. This means, zero clutter! – it can hold up to 16 bottles! The rack is designed specifically for bottle nipple and pacifiers so there’s always a place for even the tiniest baby stuff. You can leave everything inside – grab and go whenever you please.
It is easy to clean and maintain as well. ❤️


Kindly note that bottles are more advisable to be face upwards as the UV lamp is on top. I placed them in reverse for better drying effect. Hehe.

7. NEW STORAGE function

Auto sterilise every 2h for 8h to ensure your bottles & pump parts are ready anytime! 

8. More Versatile: Can even sterilize baby toys!

Well I haven’t specifically get any baby toys for Mini C2 yet but I don’t have to worry about how could I sterilize his toys now! The UV sterilizer does not limit its usage to all things baby but can also be used for various purposes such as gadgets, remote controls, books, beauty tools like makeup brushes and sponges, toothbrushes, utensils, etc!

9. Comes in Amazing Design

Need I say more?


Haenim UV Sterilizer is definitely one of the coolest and most useful gadget for any parent. Parents can now efficiently and conveniently sanitize items without the risk burns, hassle of setting-up or clean up. All items for baby, electronics and other personal stuff for sterilization can be organized and stored until you need them while 99.9% of bacteria are killed with the simple touch of a button! Beeeep!

Happy Mommy, Happy & Healthy Baby!



HAENIM is still having the ??? ???? ??? PROMO until 31st March 2019!

So much more affordable with this great deal. Check out the details on their website or Instagram HERE!

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