Malaysian Food. Never Tired of it.

I’m in trouble.
I miss Malaysian Food.

It’s true.
The food here is almost predictable.
Not much surprise.
Yea. Western Food.
Maybe I’ve not hang out much. Wouldn’t wanna empty my wallet in such a short duration.

I had the enthusiasm to eat out,
But the sparks just died off when I thought of walking out in the cold and rain.
Such a distance.
Although I thought it was still convenient here.. somehow.

I’ve decided to adjourn back to my seriously, badly missed Malaysian Food!
Almost a month here, the cravings grew stronger.

Dear flogger friends,
You guys are really doing a very good job. Luring me is so easy. Everything you guys posted is lifting me to an unsound state of mind. ;P LoL. My fragile mind….

Ngau Kee
So memorable. I miss the local street food, which do not exist here 🙁 AT ALL.
The beef noodles were delectable. Generous portion of shredded, marinated pork accompanied by tangy noodles. I heart. The beef balls were just as good.
Chris preferred his noodles with the tasty broth while I’m into the dry version 🙂

We proceeded towards Jalan Alor for the famous Wong Ah Wah Chicken wings.
You can get chicken wings at a cheaper price than chicken breast meat and fillet here at Glasgow. However, refraining myself from thinking back our local WAW chicken wings is real tough. I couldn’t.

Our stomach’s capacity have not exceeded the threshold yet. An addition of some Soup Dumplings would be just adequate. However, this serving of ‘sui kau’ is forgettable ;P
Unwelcomed contents 🙁

Ngau Kee
Tengkat Tong Shin,
50200 Kuala Lumpur

Kedai Ayam Panggang Wong Ah Wah
1, Jalan Alor,
50200 Kuala Lumpur

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21 Replies to “Malaysian Food. Never Tired of it.”

  1. totally understand how you feel…western food is so predictable and boring=(

    but i think soong kei beats ngau kei=p

  2. Ngau Kee is the one with the cow pic on the signboard right?
    so, Soong Kee is nicer?
    confused. there is Shin Kee, Lai Foong also in the same vicinity.


  3. cheer up dear! i know u have missed the food here badly. but then u still can find different kind of food in foreign country, right? do write them out and let me drool over lor… try them out as much as u can, surely u will miss the food over there (at least 1, i suppose)when you are back in KL

  4. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they look seriously good!

  5. so poor thing… >.<"
    i must agree that chinese food has got more ways of cooking ^_^

  6. perhaps this will motivate you to cook malaysian food in glasgow? cooking is therapeutic, it is! 😉

  7. j2kfm, i soong kei is somewhere near masjid jamek at jalan tun tan siew sin i think…

  8. cheer up,my dear..when you have school break go around Euro or fly over to Atlantic,8 hours London have plenty of yummy delicious food especially NYC..tThw chicken wings look good,I will never have the chance to cook that nice color BBQ wings,mine always burned!!

  9. yeah girl! I can totally identify with what u r feeling!!!

  10. Big Boys Oven says: Reply

    Hey Christine, you should fly over to NYC and visit BeachLover! I did that when I was in UK, It’s nearer to fly from UK to NYC! I am sure BeachLover well welcome you to bunk at her place! This is so cool and exciting!
    I know you will miss the food here but I am sure you will able to adapt, so did I! lol!

  11. talk about law of attraction … I just passed by there last night and wanted some of it. Too bad they see out early.

  12. it’s hard isn’t it when u read abt the forays of our flogger friends back home… altho nothing will satisfy the cravings for good ol’ msian food apart from actually being in msia and eating out itself, at least u know we wun get authentic scottish food over here while u munch on welsh rarebits hahaha…

    btw i jt went to ngau kee the other day ;p (sorry lar have to rub it in *hehe*)

  13. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    so poor thing..dun worry when ur back we eat kao kao ok?

  14. ahhhhhhhh siu kai yik


    beef ball noodlesssssss


  15. this is too much a soul can take.. i almost drown in my own saliva ;P


  16. Precious Pea says: Reply

    One month gone and 11 more months to go??

    What was the unwelcomed content in the sui kow?

  17. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    hiya 🙂
    not much choices rite? haha… Bored with burgers and all. Gonna search for something new around ;P I hope.
    Soong Kei? Where where?

    There’s another one at Petaling street! Nicer than Ngau Kee ;P
    Forgotten the name.. It’s been quite a while since my last visit. Hope they still maintain their standard ^^

    will try to explore more.. but No money leh…. haha. I wanna go shopping!! ;P
    I can shop better with u around lo!

    You’ll be back to M’sia soon… yer… So nice!! you can go try 🙂

    I miss mom’s cooking 😉
    I miss CHINESE food. haha.

    Yes 🙂
    I just cooked curry today and it tasted brilliant!
    Motivated to cook more M’sian style food ;P

    ooo.. I still dunno where is it. haha ;P

    I’ll go for Euro tour for sure! yay!
    Travel to NYC… sounds cool and great. Can go visit you and Mishu! 🙂
    But I think have to wait till my sem ends next year if wanna go the states.

  18. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    You felt the same too rite, initially..? But you should have no problem now as you can cook so well! 🙂

    I would love to visit beachlover!!
    Been wanting to travel to NYC :)Lots to visit.
    Thx. hope I can adapt… FASTER! ;P

    hi. Thx for dropping by.
    er…. where’s the law of attraction yea? ;P

    *sniff* you had ngau kee.
    Scottish food. I’m trying to impart that in. Reading the floggers blog made me crave like a hungry soul. haha.
    I should be OK in… ‘n’ months time ;P LoL
    and… I missed the gathering with you Jun!! *sob*
    I want The Apartment!

    Make sure you both are available yea? Makan non-stop 3 hari berturut-turut! ;P

    You’re missing local food too hor? Tak boleh tahan la…… ;P

    Come, we ‘siu’ our own ‘kai yik’ together ;P
    Beef ball noodles… should be easy to prepare also.
    Come to think of it.
    Maybe not that easy. ^^
    No ‘malaysian taste’. haha.

    Precious Pea~
    Yes!! One month gone with the wind, and I’ll have tests and exams soon!! This is fast 😉

    The content ah.. it just doesn’t taste nice. Maybe too much pepper and the carrot tasted weird ;P

  19. all these pics are making me DROOOOOOLLLLLing NOW !
    i wan the beef noodle n siu kai yik !!!

    sobs sobs..

  20. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    agreed. WAY WAY WAY better! 🙂
    I miss mom’s cooking too… *sniff*

  21. Ahhh…food from my playground ;o)

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