Ten Hup Hong Kong Chee Cheung Fun @ Kajang

Mention Kajang and you’ll shout SATAY!

Since my Kajang boy ditched Satay Kajang quite some time ago and found his new favourite, all the other Kajang delicacies seemed to have trailed off after we returned a year later. Even 7 Wonders Kitchen moved out (still searching for its new location).
However, there is still one more reason for us to fill in our hunger in Kajang as we just couldn’t succumb our fixed mindset of this being the best Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun we ever had, and it remained our favourite.


Order a mixed combination of pork and prawns, with its tasty sauce drizzled generously and sprinkled with deep fried shallots, it wouldn’t be disappointing.
Price: RM3.80 (small), RM5.50 (big)



Time to diverge your satay thoughts to some HK CCF now!
Ten Hup Restaurant is located at the row of small shoplots behind the Kajang wet market and opposite the Da Chong Food Court
Opening Hours: 8am – 2pm

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16 Replies to “Ten Hup Hong Kong Chee Cheung Fun @ Kajang”

  1. reminds me of this long forgotten food…..maybe should have it for tonite dinner…lol

  2. thenomadGourmand says: Reply

    wah! BEST ah??
    But but…where is kajang???? ;p

  3. wahhh, looking smooth! best??? kekeke

  4. I still love my CCF plain with plenty of shrimp paste XD

    What to do … born in PG and grew up with it ….

  5. Ming De (fka char siew bao) says: Reply

    LOL! i m from kajang… Long time never eat this leh… opposite the stall there's ABC / Curry Mee from d auntie! high skool hangout LOL

    Chris shld know ~.~

  6. Hey, you know what? This type of CCF also my favourite, and if I ever see it being served in a coffee shop, I'll be sure to order a plate.
    Esp in dim sum restaurants. 🙂

  7. nice ccf…i love ccf very much…dropped by from innit..smiled for your ads…feel free to click me back

  8. Personally, I still prefer CCF sold in Madras Lane, KL or Ipoh. So far, I still could not find their equivalent. Perhaps I will try your recommendation one day.
    Makan Angin Blog

  9. Ah HK CCF I love! Not too oily or filling. Smooth and fragrant! Yummy 🙂

  10. im hugry after looking at your ccf … 🙁

  11. didnt know kajang famous for ccf too..i thought Satay satay satay nia~

  12. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    did you? hehe.
    feel like heading up to Kajang for this as breakfast during this weekend ;P

    we quoted it. haha.
    Kajang wo… use LDP highway 🙂
    or come. we bring you!

    you should definitely try this dear! best!

    I've not tried CCF with shrimp paste! longing for that! any in KL? recommend me pls.. ^^

    Ming De~
    he brought me there for quite a lot of times. and I loved it 🙂
    a usual hang out place for u guys eh? ^^

    i've tried having in many places, including dim sums restaurants, but so far, no one has beat this yet. this is what we rated lah… haha ;P

  13. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    thanks for dropping by! come again yea! 🙂

    Rengam Boy~
    wow. Where exactly is it in KL yea? mind directing? 🙂
    would love to try to compare 🙂
    no doubt the CCF in Ipoh is very smooth. I love having CCF with mushroom sauce in Ipoh 😉

    so right gal!
    I don't mind having it all the time. haha.

    drove to Kajang already?? hehe…

    used to be a lot other than just satay. But now… it's getting lesser. Go try this HK CCF k! ;P

  14. looks delicious!!
    but not familiar with kajang leh >.<"

  15. Still figuring out where is this place in Kajang? Sigh… haven't been to the town for ages thought I go back every weekend.

  16. […] Yes, it’s a small shack nestled behind the Kajang Wet Market. Same row with the best Hong Kong Chee Cheung Fun (CCF) that we had. Read review HERE. It has been operating for about 20 years till now and still packed […]

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