OM Burger: The Ultimate & Sloppy Burger @ Ampang Jaya

We were chanting after stuffing ourselves with something ‘big’ for supper to minimize guilt. Well, thanks to Ken for luring us here.


Ayam Special – RM4

What we were referring to?

OM stands refers to Uncle in Javanese


The OM Burger stall, located strategically in front of the 7-11 convenient store is manned by a friendly Pakcik for more than 20 years at the exact same spot! Like any other burger stalls, it is only opened at night: about 8pm till late and sometimes can go up till 5 in the morning daily.
There are no seats & no tables but this is not a matter to Pakcik’s loyal customers. Some are just willing to find their way to Ampang Jaya to grab a bit on this sloppy burger & finished the burger right infront of his stall.


From Ayam Special, Daging Special to all the double or even triple Specials. You name it and you got it.



Meats, buns and eggs swimming in the pool of margarine…….
Having this once in a while is alright ‘cos it definitely won’t hurt your wallet but this may predispose you to higher health risk on long term. yikes.



But some might just say…

Eat first, Worry later!

Does these looked like some remains? Worry not, it’s yummy. Grab a bite with smears on your mouth and nose!
Generously layered with meat, cheese, eggs, mayonaise and chili sauce!



OM Burger
Lorong Kolam Air Lama,
68000 Ampang Jaya, Selangor
(In front of 7-11 Convenience Store)
Opens at night only from 8pm daily

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10 Replies to “OM Burger: The Ultimate & Sloppy Burger @ Ampang Jaya”

  1. This burger simply beat the hell out of all the fast foods version!

  2. Wow, you’re making me drool at this time of the night. Haha, I wanna go to this place, the burger looks sooooooo good! Can we go next time? =D

    1. We shall revisit when u r back! Hav to wait till u’re back only v go again. Less guilt when there’s a reason to bring u. Haha

  3. wah… Luckily i ate triple burger in last week.. hehe

    1. OM burger too? 🙂

  4. the most fattening everrrr!!! but yummy. haha

    1. Very guilty after eating. Haha…

      1. ya lorrrrr >.<
        i dun wan another inch on my waist n buttock

  5. Looks very delicious, i wonder my mouth is big enough for the bite.

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