Mamak Panjang & Curry Chee Cheung Fun @ Batu 11, Cheras

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It was until recently that we were introduced to a nearby mamak in Cheras Batu 11. Didn’t even expected much, we thought it was just another mamak down the road when the cousins asked us along for supper. Used to pass by this shop many times but didn’t even think of stopping by for a quick meal. Call us unadventurous? or skeptical? cos the shop doesn’t have a signboard. LOL. Plain excuse.
Smack forehead for being uninteresting.
Nevermind, now that we know, this shop by the corner is located at Batu 11, very near to the Kong Meng Badminton Court & the famous “Tua Pui Kia” (Fatty’s Stall). Though they don’t have a signboard, they are easily spotted as they have table & chairs across the shop arranged. Very obvious it’s a mamak, so no worries 🙂

By the way, it’s named “Mamak Panjang” by the local folks.

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Why? Because the owner is tall and the local folks named him “Panjang”. Thus the name Mamak Panjang 😀
By the way, the Indians who worked here can speak Mandarin very well, so don’t be surprised.

Teh Tarik kurang manis boss!

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This place can get very crowded the later it gets! What draws the crowd?
Their crispy Roti Kosong! Sorry for the poor picture quality as these were just taken with our iPhone LOL. These picture definitely didn’t do them justice as they don’t look as yummy as they seemed to be. No fancy plates and whole piece of flat roti canai. But it was really crispy and the roti are cut in pieces when served.

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While having roti canai, you can also take away some Chee Cheung Fun (CCF) from a lorry stall nearby! Selling at RM0.80 per pcs, we have always fancied CCF from lorry or motorbike stalls 🙂 This CCF at Batu 11, is populated & surrounded by Cheras Batu 11 folks even at 12am! Busy busy man.

Photo 09-03-2014 00 43 07


When asked for Curry Chee Cheung Fun, we were recommended to add in some sweet sauce as well.
“It’s popular to be eaten like this here”, ensured the boss.

Photo 09-03-2014 11 57 00 am


When Chris asked for permission to take photos of the boss’s CCF and himself, there goes the hilarious conversation in Hakka:
“Why everyone like to take photos of me??”
Chris answered, “Cos your CCF delicious. Wanna share on the internet!”
“Hah! Later I became famous, cut chee cheung fun until my hands are handicapped!!” laughed the boss
Well, good things are supposed to be shared we thought. Hehe.

panjang ccf1

panjang ccf

For Kajang/ Cheras folks, if you’re looking for a good piece of roti canai for breakfast, you could still proceed to Gerai Roti Canai 17 @ Kajang. For supper, it’s Mamak Panjang you can rely on 🙂

Mamak Panjang & Curry Chee Cheung Fun
Jalan Indah
From dinner till late

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  1. MAmak panjang looks very best!


    1. yes Wilson! it is 🙂

  2. I strongly agreed this Ccf are verry delicious course i try it today.

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