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With questions from readers on which photographer/ video we engaged with, dinner venue etc…
We’ve decided to compile our hand picked Wedding Vendors which we thought could do a little help for couples who in the midst of surveying & planning, like what we once did.
It could be a real pain & mounting of stress levels when you don’t know where to start.

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0087

A summary of our brilliant wedding vendors who made our special occasion a wedding to remember!
These people have really ease our tensions for being such thoughtful & helpful souls.
Here’s our little compilation of the Wedding Vendors! which we love ♥ ♥ ♥

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0488

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#1 Attire

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0014

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0016

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0023

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0132

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0134

Chris & Christine_AD_Night_0031

Chris & Christine_AD_Night_0185


#2 Make Up Artist
Angie is the best make up artist we had. Love her natural touch of colours on my skin

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0021

Simple French Nails with bows & blings to match

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0025


#3 Pre Wedding Photos
Casual shots at Sentul Park done by Mobster Studio

wedding vendors


We also engaged with a bridal house: Love Vision Wedding Studio for a complete set of indoor & outdoor Pre Weeding Shoot
Photographer: Jean Wong
Venue: Sunway Pyramid Ice, iCity Shah Alam & TTDI Park






#4 Cammi Lau Photography
Photos are such an important part of a wedding.
They’re a beautiful remembrance of the story of the day and the start of the life you will build with your loved one. And we believe Cammi would help blend photography and our story well in this 🙂
Assisted by Jayz & Simon.
wedding vendors1


Being such a sweetheart in innovation, she handed us the completed set of pictures in a more beautiful way. Handmade DVD holder + Picture Frame!







FYI, Cammi is also running a chamber full of surprises on her own: The Bliss Chamber; specializing in tailor-made wedding dresses, ROM dresses, ring pillow etc. Visit her Facebook Page for more info!
FB: Cammi Lau Photography
FB: The Bliss Chamber


#5 Hor Videography
A professional man who impressed us with his video flow, story & collaboration of the romantic music for our wedding video. You can definitely discuss with him first hand on your preferences and he will try his very best to accomodate your taste as well as the feel that you would love to incorporate.
Assisted by Andrew Koh, a full time & professional photographer who is also a tutor at Canon Malaysia.
FB: Hor Videography
FB: Andrew Koh Photography

wedding vendors6

Chris & Christine from Hor Videography on Vimeo.


#6 Our girls!

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0875

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0876

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0191

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0825


#7 Our Boys!

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0183

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0188

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0835


#8 Dinner Venue
We chose Fei Chui Kajang Restaurant that was bagged with the oriental touch due to their spacious hall as well as their famous suckling pig & shark fin soup. Honestly, their food was indeed prsentable and delicious. As most guests agreed with us, we feel relieved as we went through the menu just for the guest 🙂
Initially we were stressed out as most friends were assuring themselves that they will get good food as we’re the food bloggers… Thank god it still turn out as good even though there were like 90 tables! *phew*

wedding vendors3

Fei Chui Menu1


#9 Infinity Music
We had a 5 piece band with 2 bilingual emcees 🙂
Upon performing, they would professionally help you to choose your favourite songs to be sung and played in accordance to your guests distribution. So no worries on that!
FB: Infinity Music

wedding vendors4


#10 Suki Bakery for Wedding Pastries



#11 Lady Chaperone a.k.a Dai Kum Jie (大妗姐)
We engaged with Anna 姐.
As most of us are aware of, lady chaperones are often very bosy, loud or noisy and most young people like us would wanna avoid having. However sometimes, it will become of of the necessity of having them around. Why? One of the main reason is because your parents will want them there for managing the traditional laws and also sayings during the tea ceremony, another reason would be they would help control the time, which we also think it’s very true. Sometimes without her, there would be lack of time management as wer would be carried away with the thrilling and funny games played on the groomsmen. Thus, we just gotta outweigh the pros and cons sometimes.
However, we would personally recommend our Dai Kum Jie (大妗姐). She’s really trained, did her job in addressing the families & ancestors really well and she managed to pull out a good show by getting the bridesmaids & groomsmen to join in her chants.
We personally do not have a good impression on lady chaperones but Anna totally changed our mind no doubt.

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0047

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0660


Note: for #12 – #16, please refer to http://www.broughtup2share.com/category/c-c-wedding-diy/ for detailed info.
#12 Just Married Car Plate

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0231


#13 Wedding Backdrop

Chris & Christine_AD_Night_0472


#14 Wedding Dinner Table Numbers



#15 Little decoration Details

wedding vendors2

wed dec2


#16 Gifts by Baaji Eastern Delights



#17 Bridal Shower

wedding vendors5


#18 Hen’s Nite
Croisette Cafe5



May we grow till old!

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0924

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0913

Chris & Christine_AD_Day_0909

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17 Replies to “C ♥ C Wedding Vendors”

  1. likey likey!
    hmmm, maybe i shall do a post on how is the arrangement for ur whole bridal shower n hens night??? keke

    1. haha yea… maybe you should. “guides for maid-of-honour” 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Wanna ask if u have to send in application in order to have photo shoot in I-city?
    And can take photo in the outdoor fun ride park in the morning as I know that the park is only open at 6pm

    1. Hi Foong,
      No application forms are needed 🙂 Just pay a fee of RM1 for the parking and you’re free to use the space around for photoshoot.
      Yea, they r only open at 6pm but you still can use the park for photoshoot. Even better, no one will be there! 🙂

  3. Hi, would you mind to share me the contact of Anna 姐,as I’m planing to married next year ! Appreciate for your help. Thanks

    1. Hi Fanny,
      You can contact Anna 姐 at 0162711176
      Congratulations to you both! 🙂
      Need to book her fast, as many have feedback that she’s fully booked for most of the dates. Hope u can get her 🙂

  4. Hi pretty, im looking for dai kam jie too. Most of the dai kam jie like to talk herself only. Is Anna will enjoy with heng dai ji mui?

    1. Hi Wendy,
      Sorry for the late reply. Have been really busy 🙁
      Yea Anna jie is one dai kum jie we truly respect and all of the family members including heng dai jimuis loves her. She’s not bossy & gets along well with everyone 🙂
      But you have to book her really early if you’re keen to have her. Very hard to get. Haha.
      She will ask for meet up first to see if you are satisfied with her or not.

  5. Well done for Wedding planner
    To get a wedding planner is highly recommended. They will help you reduce stress and well plan your wedding make fun of its due to clear off unnecessary mistake.You will definitely fully enjoy the big day. I am sure she/he would always choose the great wedding vendor and get the great photographer to keep your sweet memory. If you like to have Destination Wedding

  6. Hi. May I know how much Anna jie charge? She is famous.

    1. Hi May,
      She charges about RM500 2 years ago. Now about 600-700.
      But she’s definitely worth it. Very professional.
      Gotta book her early as many of our readers who tried to book her failed as she’s like a hot cake haha

  7. Hi, May i know what is the charges for taking pre-wedding photo shoot at sentul park? i had called klpac & they said sentul park is under YTL control. Thanks.

  8. Hi, may I know what is the charges for sentul park for pre-wedding photo shoot? I had called kl pac & they said it is under YTL.

    1. Hi Yew Hume,
      For our photoshoot at Sentul Park which was around 3 years back, they charged us RM200 and yes you need a permit to get in. And to apply the permit, there are a few requirements:
      1. You have to own at least 3 YTL PROPERTIES to entitle for application (we used our friend’s uncle name) to apply for this and he claimed that I’m his niece, only can apply.
      2. The applicant, have to go to their office and listen to their rules & regulations in order to get the permit
      3. Our whole procedure took us about a week or so…

      Hope this infos would help you a bit. We’re not sure if they’ve changed their rules but what we know is, it was quite a tedious procedure for us to get into Sentul Park.
      Otherwise, you can’t enter the park and KLPAC at all. Just outside.

      Anyhow Congratulations to you!

  9. Hi dear,

    Do you have any video thats feature the dai kam jie ? Wish to see how she represent herself and the way she speaks.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      you can see snippets of the dai kum jie from our actual day video that i posted under HOR VIDEOGRAPHY in this post. For us she’s very good 🙂

  10. OMG thank you so much for sharing such a detailed post as I am so confused with wedding arrangement from overseas with a tight schedule! I love the decor of the restaurant I think it will suit my ideal traditional Chinese wedding. However, the food can be a little bit exotic to my white partner and his family >.<

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