Villa Samadhi @ Jalan Madge, KL: 1st Wedding Anniversary!

A year has flown by and we didn’t even realize it.
Spending one year with each other in pure bliss equals a thousand years of experiencing all the other pleasures of life.
Here’s wishing us both a rocking first marriage anniversary!


*Picture loaded post ahead!

Since both of us are quite tied up with our work, it’s almost impossible for us to “leave the country” this month. And we wanted a getaway so badly, (*sounded desperate*) LOL we settled for:

Villa Samadhi



This is a small villa residence that is located right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Many would ask, “Why still head back to the bustling capital city when you wanted a more relaxing and tranquil space?”
Well, very well asked but for those who doesn’t have the extra time to spare for a longer get-a-way, Villa Samadhi would be a perfect choice for 2. Upon reaching, we didn’t really have a clue if we’re at the right place as there are not much signage directing us and there are trees surrounding the place. The guard then assured us that it was the villa and opened the high bamboo gate ushering us to a different side of KL.
This villa is special in a way because each room bears individual character & furnished just like your private holiday home. Unlike any other 5-star hotels in Kuala Lumpur, you could easily dwell in tranquility when you make Villa Samadhi your holiday villa. Some bigger rooms even have a modern kitchen and private garden.

Photo 31-10-2013 11 21 27 am
The Entrance to reception


Our room: The Luxe Crib
Very spacious with a high plush bed, big bathroom, a huge Jacuzzi (subject to availability) and a private balcony. We just love the enhanced space that created the comfy ambiance and the defining features of the Jacuzzi 🙂



Entrance to our Luxe Crib
Photo 31-10-2013 11 20 48 am





Thoughtful welcome messages





Tea & Snack Bar
Equipped with TWG teabags, cookies & light bites.


The huge bathroom






Rain Shower area. Love this! Have always wanted a rain shower for our home!



Automatic Heating times: 3-5pm, 7-11pm




Photo 30-10-2013 03 09 42 pm



cchappyone blog3


Private balcony



cchappyone blog2


Complimentary fruits



This is the Lagoon
The all ground-floor units are built alongside the ‘lagoon pool’ allowing direct access into the water! If you wish to swim, just open your balcony door and you can jump in 🙂





Relaxing day beds



cchappyone blog


Let’s swim!

cchappyone blog1

Photo 30-10-2013 05 27 47 pm


Overlooked by the villas, this is their all-day dining room which sits by the edge of the Lagoon. Available exclusively for residents only.





We decided to have dinner at Mandi-Mandi since we’re all in to enjoy what this villa have to offer. Actually too lazy to drive out for dinner. Haha.
A small in-house restaurant but we simply love the ambiance, designs and the table set-up that compliments the Indochina culture. An almost perfect Bali resort-like dining room with cutleries made of china. We were both ushered to our table inside Mandi-Mandi and Chris told me that we can only start ordering at 7pm as the kitchen is not ready yet.



While waiting, here’s the complimentary cocktail for 2 during dinner time

cchappyone blog4


One of the staffs then approached me and said, “Miss, let me show you to your dinner place. But the journey would take about an hour to reach due to traffic jam.”
Puzzled. I asked, “We’e not having dinner here?” Looking at the hubby. And he smiled a little.
“Actually he has arranged something for you, so you’ll need to travel there”, said the staff politely.
Still looking at Chris, and guessing that we will be taken to some Tamarind restaurants nearby which I don’t think we need an hour, I just followed (*they provide free shuttle services to the group of Tamarind restaurants)

We were led outside and he pointed me to this:
“You’ll be dining on an island!”

Oh yes, it was indeed a very cute island with just the both of us on it. And I have to crossover to this island via a bamboo bridge on my heels! What an experience LOL.
Anyhow, I have the best hubby in the world! haha.



Dine by the Island – RM350 per couple
Pros: Super romantic – surrounded by the pool, with many petals & candles.
Cons: So dark and we can’t really take good pictures!
Pros would be more than cons so we still love dining on the island 😀



Amuse Bouche
Trio of Bruschetta



Chicken Drumet with Thailicious sauce



Mushroom soup with Garlic Bread & Truffle Oil



Main Course
Chicken Dian with Mascarpone Pesto sauce, Italian parsley mashed potato and Asparagus Broccoli, Carrot



Chargrilled Sirloin Steak served with Béarnaise sauce, asparagus & grilled potatoes



Creme Brule with Berries sauce


**Coffee or Tea to go with the dessert


Sorry for my drunk face 🙂



Still very happy.



Another lovely surprise from Chris when we returned to our room. He requested for our room to be decorated and they did it so lovely with flower petals. “Why it says Welcome and not Happy Anniversary?” I asked. He told me that word is too long and I think they ran out of petals! LOL.



It says “LOVE”



Chocolates on our bed end 🙂



Complimentary breakfast
Like an ala carte buffet, you can choose from a page of varieties, from local delights to western choices.
Before what we ordered are served, we were served with different types of breads, fruits and cheese platter. We enjoyed our slow-paced morning over some amazing breakfast spread!








Fresh fruit juices



Bagel with smoked salmon & sautéed mushroom




2 Eggs: Sunny side up/ Over easy/ Scramble egg/ Poached egg/ Hardboiled egg, choice of Sausage or Beef bacon with roasted tomato & Potato




Nasi Lemak Bungkus



Nutella Crepes


Photo 31-10-2013 10 24 32 am


Daily dose of caffeine



Included features:
Complimentary return KLIA transfer. Free Wifi usage. Complimentary breakfast for 2, afternoon snack, welcome drinks & fruit compote, evening cocktail and canapes session at Mandi-Mandi. Free shuttle service to Tamarind restaurants.

Our short and romantic holiday came true with Villa Samadhi 🙂

Villa Samadhi

No. 8, Jalan Madge,
55000 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603 2143 2300

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6 Replies to “Villa Samadhi @ Jalan Madge, KL: 1st Wedding Anniversary!”

  1. What a gorgeous place in KL! And your hubby is so so thoughtful 😉

    Happy Anniversary to you both.

    1. Thanks dear 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary you two! Here’s to many many more anniversaries to come. 🙂

    The place looks super awesome. rif and I are also looking for a KL retreat since work has been piling up. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks dear 😀 Same to you and Rif too! Stay sweet forever!
      Yea, definitely a retreat for busy bees who can’t run away from work haha.

  3. […] right before we checked into Villa Samadhi for our Anniversary retreat, we decided to drop by a vintage and retro spot for lunch. We’ve been eyeing pretty much on […]

  4. Villa SamadhiVilla Samadhi has an impeccable pedigree: it’s the sister hotel of the exclusive [h:MY003:JapaMala Resort] on Tioman, and the same architects, designers and contractors created this equally stylish city retreat which opened in 2011. It’s therefore not surprising that Villa Samadhi manages to nestle comfortably beneath Kuala Lumpur’s office and apartment blocks without conforming to their chunky uniformity; indeed, its thatched pagoda roofs, lush gardens and bamboo screens cock a veritable snook at its urban surroundings. By day, there’s a coolly efficient atmosphere at this luxurious little hotel. Staff slip discreetly between the 21 vast rooms to leave fresh chocolates and crystallised fruit, and drinks appear at your side as if by magic. By night, the pool glows with the soft light cast by torches flickering among the lemongrass fronds. Guests here feel really special: complimentary drinks are served at the manager’s nightly cocktail party, and there’s a residents-only restaurant whose chef is destined to make it onto the list of greats. This is a place for those who want a taste of this culturally diverse city but who wouldn’t stay in one of its many carbon-copy chain hotels to save their lives. And its reputation is clearly growing: even our taxi driver told us it would be fabulous – and he wasn’t wrong.

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