C ♥ C Wedding Diary: Be your own Wedding Planner!

Sorry for not updating for more than a week! Our food hunts & reviews were halted by a huge agenda coming our way.

The Wedding

C ♥ C Wedding Planning has been a really great routine for the past 1 year till now! I would really miss NOT planning when our wedding ceremony is over.  Though we’ve been through lotsa ups & downs, at the end of the day we would just realized we’re doing our best for each other to make the best thing happen. Thus we decided to do a Wedding Diary: marking down how hard we worked for this. Haha.


Here’s our wedding itinerary: not the best quick guide but definitely giving a clearer view that Wedding Planning is way tedious than it looks!
Be your own Wedding Planner! 🙂

From 1 year – 4 months before THE Day

C ♥ C Wedding Diary

Wedding Planning1 year9 months6 months5 months4 months

DateSelect Dates - for Actual Day
VenueSurvey + Make Reservation
Guest List1st Draft2nd Draft
ThemeBrowse & List down the favourite themesSet Theme + Theme Colour
AttireGown Fitting
Get Suit @ Bangkok
Gown fitting for Actual Day
BridesmaidsChoose Maid of Honour & BridesmaidsSource for DressesFirm Dress Colour
GroomsmenChoose Best Man & GroomsmenSurvey Styles
Music/ EntertainmentSurveyEngage with Band
PhotographySurveySign Up! - both Pre Wedding + Actual Day
Casual Photoshoot
Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

VideographySurveySign Up!
Betrothal (Dowry + Pastries)Discussion between both ParentsReserve Wedding Pastries/ Bridal Cake
Lady Chaperone
(Dai Kum Jie)
Engage + Discuss


From 3 months – 1 week before THE Day

Wedding Planning3 months2 months1 month2 weeks1 week
VenueConfirm Menu
Get venue's Floor Plan
Draft SeatsConfirm SeatingsFood Tasting for Menu selected
Guest ListGet Addresses from GuestsMail & Distribute InvitationsFollow-up with guests for proper seating arrangements
ThemePlan on DecoGet all Deco props ready
Confirm with door gifts supplier
AttireGet HeelsGet Leather ShoesCollect Gowns
BridesmaidsBuy DressesDo Favour Cards
Bridal Shower

Hen's Night
Meet up for Game Plan
GroomsmenBuy Attire accessories
Do Favour Cards
Bachelor's / Buck's Night
Music/ EntertainmentSelect songsSong RecordingFinalization with Band + MC on program flow
PhotographyView Photo Album DesignCollect Wedding AlbumDiscussion for Actual DayStop Motion Photoshoot
VideographyLook out for example VideosMake own Slide Shows
Discussion for Actual Day
Betrothal (Dowry + PastriesBuy Traditional ItemsBetrothal Ceremony
Secure Bridal Bed
Lady Chaperone
(Dai Kum Jie)
Wedding BandSend for polishingCollection
Self-PamperingGel Manicure + PedicureManicure + Pedicure
Body Massage

Will update if there are more To-Dos! and the details!
Now we know Wedding Planning is not as easy as it looks!

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15 Replies to “C ♥ C Wedding Diary: Be your own Wedding Planner!”

  1. hola-hola!
    can’t wait for the real day ^^

  2. awesome planning! everything looks so well laid out. u did all the deco yourself or hired someone? looking forward to your wedding soon!

  3. WAHLAUEUHHEHEHHEH I DUNO HOW I WILL SURVIVE MINE!!!!!!!!! yours like so well plan after looking!!! *clap clap clap!!!*

  4. Hi,

    I am planing to have ROM on 12.12.12
    Do you provide any events?

    1. Hi Lee,
      I’m sorry as we’re not event planners 🙂
      This own planning is just for our wedding 🙂

  5. Hi May I know where to engage Lady Chaperone(Dai Kum Jie)service?

    1. Hi Evan,
      For ours, we engaged with Anna (our dai kum jie), and her team has a one stop service shop with all the traditional items too, in case you plan to get too 🙂 If you are interested, you can contact her at: 016-2711176

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  11. U guys have really put in a lot of effort in ur fairytale wedding, making every small details fantastic and sweet. Awesome!!!

  12. Hi Christine

    May I know did you husband made his wedding suit in Bangkok? If yes, can I know who is the tailor and can i have the contact pls?


    1. Hi Aileen,
      Chris bought ready made suit when we were there as we were rushing that time. His ready made suit is very fitting too 🙂
      If you want tailor made ones, you can check out the shops at 2nd floor, at Amari Watergates; right opposite Platinum mall. My dad got his suit done there with superb quality and at a very reasonable price.
      If you wish to do a suit in BKK, it’s advisable for you to go get the measurements and choose fabric quality on the first day though they mentioned ready within 24 hours 🙂 Can amend if there are anything that you’re not satisfied with 🙂 Hope these info helps!

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