Croisette Café @ Bangsar: The Bridal Shower!


I have a confession.
I have the best-est bridesmaids & friends in town!



I was told not to worry about a thing and just be available on tea-time onwards. Yes, I know we’ll be tea-ing somewhere but didn’t have a clue that this bridal shower that I had, would be so awesome!
Picked up by Shing, the cool chic drove me to Bangsar and we ended walking up the Cascadium Condominium. Being such a no-brainer for a day, I almost forgot that there’s a little humble café that resides in it. I was made to wait nearby the pool while the girls get busy inside. Curiosity increased max!

While I was not around:
They did the set-ups & decorations just for me! *tears rolling in the eyes*






the maid-of-honour getting ready



Even the cutie-pie is here!



Hand made cute little words with girly details! Happy Baby Bridal Shower Christine! So pretty!



Hand made again!!



They even did some “HIM BADGE”, they call it, with Chris’s funny face & everyone has to wear it except me!
When asked why?
“To remind you this is your husband!”
(in case I got too carried away. haha)



Chris was “resting on everyone’s shoulders”! haha

And here comes the ritual of “bride-to-be”
The BFF helping me with the Bride-to-be sash & crown. I’m officially a Bride-to-be Pageant. Thank you, thank you 🙂

Croisette Cafe





My Maid-of-Honour (Ivy) did a terrific job in organizing the menu/ tea party with Michelle, the owner of Croisette Café.
Our afternoon tea set is priced at RM35 per pax comes with:

  • Tuna and egg mayo finger sandwich
  • Assorted desserts; lovely cakes and New York brownie
  • Tropical fruit salad which is the chef’s signature recipe; a tangy and refreshing salad we all loved.
  • Brewed coffee and English breakfast tea



Croisette Cafe1

Though it doesn’t come in tiers, but the beautiful arrangement is definitely worth a praise. Great cakes and savouries 🙂

We also had Chocolate dips; with 70% dark cocoa! So memorable and girly!




FYI, Croisette Café is located in Cascadium Condominium, Bangsar that serves French-influenced treats. It might be small be definitely comfortable to be in. A great and comfy venue to have parties like us! You can really sit back and relax while enjoying your food and the tete-a-tete sessions with your friends.



Bonding session: Bridal Pictionary!



Croisette Cafe4


She can draw so well! Everyone wants her to be on their team 🙂


More bonding sessions with the girls who doesn’t know each other and they got together to plan all these just for me! I felt so blessed!
Thank you ladies!
And a really big thank you for the handmade Blessings Booklet with all the Instax! Everything is handmade!


Croisette Cafe2


The lovely ladies who made the Bridal Shower happen!

Croisette Cafe3







Thereafter, we continued our agenda for the day with my Hen’s Night!
Partayyy at The Hills!

Croisette Cafe5

Thanks again for such a memorable day girls! Love you all max!!! xoxo



They even brought me something really “useful” *ahem* Need I elaborate more?



Croisette Café
Level 3 (Pool House)
Cascadium Condominium
28, Jalan Penaga,
Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar.
Contacts/Reservations: 016- 330 4477 (Michelle) / 014-665 7944 (Pierre)

**All pictures courtesy of Ivy: Read here review HERE

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13 Replies to “Croisette Café @ Bangsar: The Bridal Shower!”

  1. Awww you look so radiant and happy! Your ji muis really did a great job in planning a great bridal shower for u 🙂

    1. yes they did! and i was super touched!! *tears* 😉

  2. so fun…… Chris…..!!! nice bridal shower.. your friends, you.. memorable… :))

    1. thanks Tammy! they really did a great job 😉

  3. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SO HAPPY..I feel you.. So happy and touched at the same time!! Wee.. U girl rocks!! ;DDD
    Your love and joy overwhelm this blogpost la…I got infected. Keep smile to myself…>< ;P

    1. keep smiling*

    2. haha yea… i felt really touched & blessed! 😉

  4. oh really feel happy to see,charming…great work

    1. they did a great job 🙂 i’m touched 🙂

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