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A wedding is definitely a momentous occasion that deserves special attention to the details making the once in a lifetime day unique.
The very little details like what flowers to choose, which deco would be well matched together with other pieces etc…. could be quite a big fuss.
Well yes of course you can leave them all to the wedding planner but what if you don’t have one?

Let’s do a little D.I.Y!



And as for Chris & I, we decided to incorporate a little DIY work into our wedding.
Since our Wedding Banquet was held in a Chinese restaurant instead of the hotel *as we put food as our priority* oooh 😛 we made use of the petite space given and did our best to put in the details of MINT + PINK 🙂
Not the very best, but it would be a mini ignition of ideas for those who are planning themselves and love being a DIY freak 🙂

#1 Photo Viewing Table
Wedding albums, DIY photobooks are the main centerpieces.
Adorn the table with easy to get items like white birdcages, tealight candles & custom-made initials. And as for a Fairytale themed deco, storybooks are some of those clever props too. If you could, get your theme colour books.


Frames from Ikea are such useful & matching props



wed dec



Photo by Kim Ling


#2 Guest Book Area

Instead of typical bounded guest book, get your guests to write on some word cards and get ’em sealed in a jar for remembrance.
Blending into the theme: Chant Fairytale Wishes 🙂

wed dec1



Photos by Kim Ling

Get colorful magic pens from Daiso only at RM5! & Make your own pen holder 🙂

Photo by Kim Ling

Make Fan-like place cards. Very easy!



A book for guest too pen down their emails so that we can mail them their photos from the photo booth
Photo by Emeryn

Marshmallows are the sweetest good props!


Notes from the jar





#3 Get a Designer
If you could design well, do-it-yourself. If you’re not, like us, engage with an expert.
We chose Simply Card: Tailored to Your Needs


#4 Design a Backdrop – Have a Photo Booth (by Simply Card)
We printed this ourselves, thus it turn out kinda small. Panicked with just a piece of poster that will not stand out, we thank god that we have great friends. Great designer buddies who helped turned the Photo Booth into a “not-so-boring” background. Lined with matching cloths and bigger printed words, it’s perfect.



Photo by Emeryn

Photo by Kim Ling


#5 Car Plate (by Simply Card)
After several attempts of surveying and trying to get the “Just Married” Car Plate, we decided not to have one, but make one. On average, The JM Car Plate would cost about RM100 each.
Minding the price and the typical designs, we went for a fun version: Make your JM Plate via the party flags version!


Print individual alphabets then string them up with ribbons and tie it behind the car!



#6 Wedding Banquet Table Numbers (by Simply Card)





#7 Door Gifts
Trying not to bore the guests with chocolates, we went for Baaji’s Eastern Delights’ Pistachio Sweets (made purely with pistachio & honey). Thanks to Baaji for such a great idea!



The HIM & HER boxes – matching pink
Print your initials or name for the gift box for customization 🙂


#8 DIY Opening Wedding March Video
Be it a saxophonist leading the march, dancing our way in….. we’ve thought of many others and to a certain extent just thought of letting the band play our favourite song during the march.
A sudden DIY idea dropped by one day, Chris and I decided to make our own video! Marching in with “our own song” is such a memorable opening for us both ♥ ♥ ♥
Thanks to Kenneth for the video montage & song recording was done at his home studio 🙂

Photo by Cammi Lau Photography

Chris singing LIVE during the 2nd half of the video 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥


#9 Favour Tags for Bridesmaids & Groomsmen
Check out the previous post HERE


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8 Replies to “C ♥ C Wedding DIY”

  1. So pretty! Great job on the DIY you guys… the attention to detail is amazing. Congratulations on your marriage! 🙂

  2. hi C&C

    may i know where can print name for the gift box for customization..

    thank you!

    1. Hello Mel 🙂 Got ours printed from a printing company. Maybe you could contact Metro Labels Sdn Bhd at 03-89452323. 🙂

  3. hi C&C,

    i like all yr DIY!! n the mint and pink theme 😉 can i know where can get the 旋转木马? bcoz i have been searching taobao.. but really hard to get this blend color of mint and pink! thansk for sharing 😉

    1. Hi Issac,

      Thanks! And we got the merry-go-round from a small in Mid Valley at Ground Floor. That was 4 years ago though. Not sure they still have it now. It was about RM80. Not cheap. Haha.

      1. ohh. thanks for the sharing 😉 btw do u noe any of the shop that can print out the photo back drop? roughly how much it cost arr? bcoz have my prewedding photo to be printed out as my backdrop for photography session. You have any place recommended? thank you in advance.

        1. Hi Issac,

          You may contact Kent at 0122012123 for the printing quotation 🙂
          You can say recommended by Chris & Christine. Hehe.

  4. Hi, may I know where you purchase the props for the wedding registration table? Thanks!

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