Rumours Kopitiam (讲士讲啡)

Being uncovered to the foreign civilization is an eye openerBeing introduced to far-off food is a discoveryI’m eager for more……..Hoping to pioneer all scrumptious food around Scotland 🙂However, too much of it made me under par. Needed some antidote. Yes, it’s not a rumour,RUMOURS is real.The Malaysian restaurant around town. We headed straight to Rumours […]

Kama Sutra @ Sauchiehall Street

Kama Sutra….Literally means aphorisms of lovethe science of Love and Pleasure……… with the company of aromatic foods,seductive music, sensuous aromas and sultry surroundingsall gather within the kama sphere… Ambiguous?This term stands clear. I’m talking about food here ;PKama sutra, an eatery in Glasgow that provide a spread of Indian cuisine that could ignite your day. […]

Tiger Tiger

Friday Night.I am always looking forward to this day. When finally there’s a weekend behind I could relax… a bit.Well, I loved it more when I could hang out during a Saturday for movies and shopping. *typical city girl*I don’t do this anymore here. Well, not that often.Felt like a caged bird this weekend. Trapping […]

The Pokey Hat. The Counting House.

Weekends are supposed to be enjoyed. Spending weekends here at Glasgow are most often contributed doing grocery shopping, laundry-ing….I miss the cinema weekends and chilling out at malls with Chris.Sunday get-together with family.However, finding leisure around here,Getting yourself connected to the nature,Is much easier. There we went, to the Isle of Bute.Walking, taking the train […]

A New Post. A New Country

It’s been a week since I left my beloved people around….To a place that I’ve never been…Glasgow has many to offer.Cool weather (very cold for me actually although it’s summer!)Nice environment.Amazing buildings. Except the hectic class from 9 to 5 everyday… ;(Learning to be independent is one very encouraging process, sometimes it’s tough too.Learning to […]

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