Tiger Tiger

Friday Night.
I am always looking forward to this day. When finally there’s a weekend behind I could relax… a bit.
Well, I loved it more when I could hang out during a Saturday for movies and shopping. *typical city girl*
I don’t do this anymore here. Well, not that often.
Felt like a caged bird this weekend. Trapping myself in my room, staring at the pile of books before me. Torture. Gonna sit for the PP3 Class Test soon on Monday morning.

Thinking about tests, exams, reports… Darn.

Seriously needed some enlightenment. Chose over Tiger Tiger this time as its name captivate me more ;P
Has food that weigh against an almighty tiger? Just passable…
However, the ambiance helped equalized the moderately-rated food. Dimmed, with spotlights gunning down (perfect for photo effect), and comfy seats, we enjoyed chit-chatting while treasuring our classy dinner ;P

the Tiger

From classic bars, counter tops to lavishly designed interior spreading with an ingenious way of layering mirrors and wallpapers around 🙂

Dinner Sets:

  • 2 course meal for £10.95
  • 3 course meal for £12.95

Pricey eh? Fortunately we’ve the discounted price from the student snap fax. 50% off! Phew…
If you’re making a booking, make sure you inform the staffs that you’re booking with your snap fax. Or else, they’ll charge you the normal price ;P

Here’s what Tiger Tiger offered us on Friday Night.

1. Starters
Vegetable Spring Rolls with sweet and sour sauce.
I finally seek an oriental taste that I miss so much. Crispy and hot, topping over some chili sauce beneath. Yes. Chili sauce. So hard to find here ;P

Marinated Chicken Tikka Skewers with mango, lime, mint and scented yoghurt.
A Mediterranean style of chicken serving that helped me boost my mood. They helped 🙂
Mango, lime and mint rally round. They augmented the appetite.

2. Main Course

Tiger Tiger Katsu Chicken Curry
Panko crumbled chicken topped with light curry sauce served with rice and salad.
Quite a disappointment. Initially it was good, but too much of it results the wrong channel of flavour and… Too dry. Tasted like Japanese curry, the gravy was spread on top of the deep fried fillets of chicken. and I like Japanese rice better ;P

Pan Seared Salmon with Chinese greens and black bean sauce.
This was the star as it was fresh. Cooked up with great flavours and the tang generated was memorable 🙂

Tiger Tiger Aberdeen Angus Burger
It was quite a large serving, topped with bacon, melted cheese on crisp iceberg lettuce, hamburger relish, red onion and beef steak tomato, served with Cajun fries.

Chicken Fajitas
Served with soft flour tortillas, guacamole, spicy tomato salsa and soft cream. It has the appealing presentation, wonder if it’s as good as the one I had back at Chilli’s…. ;P

3. Desserts

Sticky Toffee Pudding with ice cream was charming.
Warm caramelized brownie-like texture savoured together with icy cold vanilla ice cream cheered me up.

Lemon Tart with creme fraiche was another sweet entry as the night is drawing near. Lovable and lemon-ny!

Tiger Tiger
20 Glassford Street
Glasgow G1 1UL

Tel: +44 (0) 141 553 4888

Visit their website HERE.

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18 Replies to “Tiger Tiger”

  1. Those melted chocolate melt my heart too…..

  2. Sticky Toffee Pudding was nice! haha! Still owe u O’neills.. Remind us ya..

  3. I think Tiger Tiger really owe you an advertisement fee… 😛 But I must agree that it is a great place.

    Alex’s World! – http://www.kakinan.com/alex

  4. New Kid on the Blog says: Reply

    the dessert caught my attention… yummy yummy yummy….

  5. -kent- f0 粉肠 says: Reply

    the lemon tart attracting me!!!

    and the interior design was so nice and looks comfortable


  6. Hmm…how much did tiger tiger pay u for this blog?

  7. once a foodie, a foodie everywhere eh? 🙂
    wow, imagine without the 50% discount, you’ll be paying through your nose for a decent set lunch huh? PP3 exam is which subject?

  8. so nice larh you, always go out in a group, get to order alot of food and try them all!!!!

    the 8oz rump steak yuks. the lemon tart also yuks.

    but i like the ambience very much!! and the price is reasonable too 🙂

  9. the Pan Seared Salmon looks really delicious ~ ^_^

  10. Tiger tiger was really nice, i still remember i had visited once and during that time the snap fax do not have promotion for that. During my visit, i had ordered their platter for 2 meal and it was quite nice as well. Seeing all your post, make me so miss glasgow. 😛

  11. did u just cut your hair?

    The ambience + food looks lovely there!

  12. Xiu Long Bao says: Reply

    It’s good to hang out n hav fun once in a while. Dun study too hard k n take care 🙂

  13. Big Boys Oven says: Reply

    lovely, lovely, awesome, awesome, now I am craving for those food up in scotland, really miss them!

  14. If you put dollar for dollar or pound for pound, it’s not pricey at all. Think that you’re working part-time and earning pound.

  15. 50% off!!!

    oh dear, they are inexpansive. included the dessert as well? i wish i could have them arrr

    miss eating out with u!

  16. durianberry says: Reply

    That place has such a nice ambiance. *heart* the moo moo chair. Burger and fries looks darn good

  17. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    a combo of hot and cold.. perfecto ;P

    when when? I’m still waiting… haha ^^

    dvertisement fee? haha. Did I promote well? ;P
    Great ambiance isn’t it? ^^

    new kid on the blog~
    I heart the desserts too. Kept me happy in the end of the meal 😉

    It was relaxing and comfy enough. Enjoyed the meal here with friends. and the best part was the dessert sharing session! ;P

    *ahem* no wo… U think I should claim some? LoL.
    I did this for free ;P

    Just couldn’t forego temptation of FOOD annd photo capturing 😉
    haha. yea…50% saved us a lot!
    PP3.. the killer subject here. Dispensing exam ;P Very important ^^

    yea..can get to try more variety.
    Actually wanted to order the rump steak.. but changed our mind. really bad? luckily didn’t order. haha
    The lemon tart not bad ma… haha..

  18. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    I thought it was the best dish served that night. Flavoursome and fresh 😉

    oh, u visited too? I liked the ambiance 🙂
    Wanna look out to try new places around. Lots to eat but sometimes have to save up. Kinda pricey if I kept on converting the rate.. haha ;P

    Got my hair cut 2 months ago! haha ;P

    xiu long bao~
    thx gal! u take k @ SG too! Envy la.. you can go HOME during weekends and got to try sooo many Jap food! Here, Jap food cost a bomb! lol;P

    big boys oven~
    so… whenu heading here again?ever thought of it? haha… can stay here and bake me some cake.. I can help! LoL ;P

    you r right about this. But I still can’t help it. Kept on converting only. haha. Maybe after a few months I won’t be anymore ;P

    Miss out makan-makan trips la.. Students get to enjoy quite a lot of benefits here actually ;P
    Bet you’ll luv the desserts here. haha. Desserts lover!

    The meat was tender and juicy 🙂
    I love the moo moo chair too! Fell like grabbing it home. haha ^^

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