A Mussel Feast

I had a long weekend.. 2 days of public holiday made me even indolent. Tests are drawing nearer and it’s kinda hard to accept that I am finishing my semester 6 in about 1 and a half months time. This means a tight confrontation with my books!!

Glasgow River End Festival took place this weekend and I just wouldn’t wanna miss it!
Apart from the many events of water sports and catching sight of boats and ships wandering around, Glasgow Tower and the Science Center was where we exhausted time on.

Amusing myself at the Glasgow science center

Tend to get hungry faster here…
This couldn’t be happening…
I could gain weight in no time if this carries on.
Or, I already did? ;P

No bother, I’m still grabbing a Beef Burger for lunch for £2.50.
An addition of onions with ketchup and mustard… Oh, these restored my energy. Just mediocre, bread was kinda hard ;P

The Jumbo HotDog was also priced at £2.50. This was just half of it.

Killing time at the festival drained out lots of our oomph. We’re once again back to square one and so quickly, it’s time for dinner again. Aiming for Mussel Inn, we headed there straight away. Although we got kinda lost when trying to track this eatery down, our determination was not a mere waste.
Four hungry souls studying the menu eagerly, scrutinizing which mussels flavour we like to indulge on.

Decided to feast on 3 Half-kilo pot of mussels at the price of £5.45 for each pot. And the best thing was we had refillable crusty breads for sauce dipping!!

1. Natural – cooked with the mussels’ own juicy essence.You can just tell the freshness of mussels. A mild to moderate taste and the mussels flavour just boost the activity of our palate.

2. Shallots – a creamy preparation of mussels with white wine, garlic, shallots and cream. This went perfect with the bread. Loving every spoonful of it with the springy mussels.

3. Tomato – sun blushed tomato pesto mussels churned out to be an aromatic one. Very strong flavour, a lil’ salty if eaten alone, but an ideal combo with the bread ;P

Only mussels?? Can be satiated just like that??
You try and see ;P
We’re overdosed.

Mussel Inn
Seafood Restaurant
157 Hope Street
G2 2UQ

Tel: 0141 572 1405
Email: info@mussel-inn.com
Check out their website HERE

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17 Replies to “A Mussel Feast”

  1. "Joe" who is constantly craving says: Reply

    yum..mussels..no beer?

  2. looks like you r having a great time!! i wan mussels!!

  3. hey I love mussels more than oysters ! 🙂
    but that’s just me.

  4. hey i like the pic of u with the brain & stomach. suits ur blog! btw, i've been lookin at ur pass posts.. one thing i regret not doing was i didn't go explore enough places for foods. shall do it when i go bck.. maybe then u can be my 'tour' guide? hee =)

  5. Precious Pea says: Reply

    My hubby will surely love this mussel feast but am not a mussel fan and he is more than happy i am not.

  6. ALl those mussels!! and free flow bread- u lucky girl!

  7. it seems like only yesterday that you left for your studies and now, exams are drawing near! woah, time flies…with nice food like the mussels, of course! 😉

  8. so many mussels there….

    but dun lar walk around with ur brain and stomach outside ur body hahahaaaa….:p

  9. I love mussels cook with cream sauce ~.~

  10. extremely FRESH!!! i supposed?!

  11. mussels are just so tempting..u just cant get those here huh..haha..an extra stomach for mussels and bread?

  12. myfoodsafari says: Reply

    Reminds me of my holidays in Belgium. We had mussels with white wine and cream. yummm….

  13. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    we didn’t order any 🙁
    enjoying beer from the hypermarkets is way cheaper.. lol ^^

    yea… Enjoyed every bite and taste of it. I don’t used to fancy mussels but these changed my appetite 🙂

    high 5. me too ;P

    haha. I carry an external stomach everywhere so that can fit more food ;P
    No prob being ur ‘tour guide’. We shall organize a makan trip back home then! or maybe we could start by conquering Glasgow’s cuisine? LoL.u have to be the ‘tour guide’ this time 🙂

    precious pea~
    haha.. u’re the Crab Queen, ur hubby can be Mussels King dy lo… perfect match! ;P

    We stuffed ourselves silly with all those breads! haha ^^

    time files doesn’t it?
    Tests and finals are here soon!! end of semester drawing near. No more eat out sessions for me now 🙁
    It have to wait.. hehe.. I’ll save more now to feast on later ;P

    that’s the EXTRA capacity ma… haha..

    It was delicious! still can’t get over it now ;P

    yeap. FRESH 🙂 Bet u’ll love it dear…

    hmm.. so far I’ve not find any of these back home. Maybe there are tho.. ;P
    Yeap, i needed extra stomach for more mussels and brain to accommodate infos for my finals. lol.

    hi there.Thx for making a stop here 🙂
    yea…Belgium is famous for these right? My parents kept complimenting the mussels they had in Belgium when I mentioned to them I had these in Glasgow.. ;P
    I should go try if I have the chance then! ^^

  14. durianberry says: Reply

    Ah, the yum effect on me…! Wish I could have such fresh mussels and crusty bread here

  15. -kent- f0 粉肠 says: Reply


    among mussles and oyster i prefer musseles!!!

    the jumbo hot dog looks great!!!


  16. Big Boys Oven says: Reply

    wah so delicious yummy! love those orangy mussels!

  17. haha. u r the food savvy one. u be the tour guide. i ll be ur ‘external stomach’ LOL.

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