Another New Chapter. Another New Baby.

Our journey of food blogging started off pretty simple.
We were undemanding on the photographs we took. Simply because the fervour has not been built just yet. However, more and more pleasing and tempting pictures captured us.

I decided to make a move.
Ended up with the PowerShot A650IS.
I was contented. just enough.

Time goes by.
More captivating depictions seen.
We opt to achieve those.
Learning, adjusting and pressing new buttons is fun.
He is not hugging his feeling anymore.
He made a new move recently.
We ended up with a ‘baby’.
Camera ok.
Canon EOS 450D is a super duper sweetheart.
He spends more time with the baby than me. now.

Chris is flying off to UK with me!!
Another new chapter and journey awaiting us.
Prevailing hitches together.
We will.

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15 Replies to “Another New Chapter. Another New Baby.”

  1. ahhhh~ i want one too!
    but i know i’ll only get when i start working 😛
    so nice! envy*
    welcome chris to uk!
    may you guys have a great year ahead!

  2. Aww, I want a DSLR too but my good old camera is still good and I do not want to be cruel:p
    But I will improve my photography and then, who knows, it will be my turn to get my new baby….

    Great to hear Chris will be flying with you back to UK, you guys have fun and look fwd to your posts on UK…hehe, with Chris and his baby there, I’m sure you’ll have so much to blog about yeah!~;)

  3. congrats on your new BABY. 🙂
    i’m sure you’ll have much fun baby-sitting the new addition to the family.

  4. Lyrical Lemongrass says: Reply

    Congratulations on your new acquisition! You guys look SEXAY with the camera!! 😀

  5. Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful shots your baby will take 🙂

  6. Spent more time with the BABY? Ini tak boleh jadi nii! 😛

    Looking forward to the beautiful shots on your new journey with the baby and Chris! 😉

  7. wahhhh .. sooo many good news! welcome Chris to UK, now you two can have a honeymooner time!

  8. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    aiyer..i dunwan lex to be like chris :(w

  9. toy! Looking forward to more cool pics! Nice to know Chris is joining you 🙂 Btw, i have just posted on my Gold Coast crab catching cruise. So much fun!!!

  10. I wish I can have a DSLR but I know myself such a lazy person to learn, DC more suitable for me 😛

  11. yerrr… i wan this too! i m the baby’s god-mom hor?! cz i see ur baby born on the day at the right time. hahaha

  12. omg omg im so jealousss…u got urself a rebel has been my dream to get one. and will remain a dream..haha..looking forward to more fantastic piccies:)

    so so envious:P

  13. Congrats! Uhhh…is it a boy or girl ah? LOL! Looking forward to seeing future posts.

  14. Wah moving to DSLR now. Que for me to buy one too?

  15. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    haha… waiting for ur baby!!
    and thanks dear 🙂

    yea… more family planning first rite? :p
    Still spending lotsa time adjusting his new baby ;P and thanks gal! Can’t wait to share more.

    this is one tough cookie. Baby-sitting can sometimes be tough ;P haha…

    lyrical lemongrass~
    thanks! SEXAY? haha… then we shall bring it around wherever we go!

    haha.. Still have lots to learn with the functions and have to get familiar with the buttons ;P
    So far so good still…. ^^

    yalor~~ :~(
    Issh… Have already complaint. 😛
    Now the baby get all the attention.

    yea.. looking forward for more trips with him! can’t wait! ^^
    We shud meet!

    start training Lex now first. Or else he’ll really be like Chris ;P

    Precious Pea~
    I read your post! Good to hear that U enjoyed yourself! Hope to share more nice pics with u guys in the future 🙂
    Chris is adapting fast in UK 🙂

    yea… really have to spend lotsa time to learn. But once you got the hang of it, it shud be easy peasy 🙂

    kla kla.. U r the baby’s godmom 🙂 hehe…

    It will be ur turn to get one sometime. Pursue ur dream gal! hehe.. ^^

    It’s a boy! It’s a boy! 🙂
    Posts with DSLR gonna have to wait I’m afraid ;P Quite a number of old posts coming up.. hehe…

    Yea… took the courage to move forward 🙂 It’s fantastic. Can definitely consider 🙂

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