Chen Fu Ji @ Clarke Quay, Singapore

The development of a dockside is truly astounding. Offering an array of restaurants and pubs with different constructs with a deviation of banquet and feast. As a first timer to Clarke Quay, we enjoyed strolling around, in search for some good food for dinner.
Taking bus and train from Woodlands all the way to the spotlight venue with mom was a merit gained.

Mom was in the mood for some Chinese food.
Here we were….
In Chen Fu Ji.

Imperial Fried Rice ($18)

Skim-Over Noodle ($18)

Paper Wrapped Chicken (4 pcs – $14)

Chili Crab (100g – $3.60)

Sauteed Baby Kailan with CFJ Sauce ($9.80)

Every dish was unforgettable and worth a try. However, the Chili Crab was kinda too spicy for us. Had a better one at the Bottle Tree Park. More updates soon! ;P
Will definitely be back to Clarke Quay to try conquering the fares around!

Chen Fu Ji
23A Smith Street,

Singapore 038937

Tel: +65 6323 0260
Fax: +65 6410 9239

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11 Comment

  1. J2Kfm says: Reply

    spicier than usual chilli crabs? that;s great! cz most chilli crab more tomato-ish.
    the CFJ sauce is special concoction?

  2. daphne says: Reply

    oh boy! That looks like a great find in SG! I might give it a go when I’m back.

    I’m so glad that Chris is heading to UK with u! WOW! How sweet of him!

    And also happy to read that your dad is feeling stronger. Keep us updated!

  3. ai wei says: Reply

    all so yummy looking!

    wish we could travel to singapore one day ^^

  4. Christy says: Reply

    Yeah, nice food in SG!
    Clarke Quay is a nice place for nice food, eh…and with great scenery:D

  5. Cutie says: Reply

    Wow, you are back already. Guess you can be savouring all the food you have been missing.

    It’s so nice that Chris will be going to UK with you. I’ve always wanted my boyfriend to be around when I was studying in UK last time. By the time I was going there to study in UK, he was about to come back to Malaysia as he has finish his. So treasure your days with Chris in UK.

  6. mimid3vils says: Reply

    mushroom in a paper wrapped chicken…

  7. Zhou Wenhan says: Reply

    hihi, how much did you send ah?
    Nice pictures. I posted your review on my new website.( It surfaces content by matching the location of a story to the current location of the user. Its very new so any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks.

    Zhou Wenhan
    Download My Contacts @

  8. Nic (KHKL) says: Reply

    woah, they have a website as well! haha! cool….

    lots of interesting eats at clarke quay/chinatown area, right? 😉

  9. Simon Seow says: Reply

    Ah, the fried rice looks real good. Like Gold Wrap Silver fried rice.

  10. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    yea.. spicier than the usual. If it’s a lil’ less spicier, it’ll be perfect for me. ^^
    The CFJ sauce is one of their secret recipe I think ;P didn’t reveal what’s in them ^^

    Do check this place out when u’re in this happening venue of Qlarke Quay!
    haha… Finding his new beginnings here ;P Adapting and seems loving it.
    and…thx for your concern gal!

    Food Trip to Singapore? cool! ;P

    yes… Lots to see and eat. We had a hard time choosing at first ;P

    I’m back to Glasgow already now.Class started officially ;P
    Being home is the best, and Chris is here in UK now :)Will definitely treasure each day with him 🙂

    You’re back from UK for how long already?
    At least now u’re back in your bf’s arms now! hehe.

    Tempting?? hehe…. ^^

    Zhou Wenhan~
    hi there. Thx for dropping by!
    What do you mean by “how much ya?”
    And thanks for posting up my review. 🙂

    Yea… Lots!
    Will drop by Singapore again when I’m back next year ;P

    Simon Seow~
    That’s what we thought as well 🙂
    “Kam Ngan Chow Fan” ^^
    Thumbs up.

  11. Zhou Wenhan says: Reply


    actually I meant how much did the meal cost you?

    and the pictures really do look good. either you are a pro photographer or your camera is very good for food pictures…or maybe both??

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