YG Republique @ Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands

YG Republique opens at Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands! Okay, we know it’s no big news as this happens during September last year but we simply love their food and finally have time to blog about it.


The World’s well-loved Korean F&B Brand set its foot at the top!

Get ready to dine and revel in true blue Korean style at Sky Avenue, Genting Highland, as YG Republique makes its second opening debut in Malaysia. YG Republique Genting Highlands is a partnership between YG Foods [Korea] and KL-based Korean resto-preneur Datin Sainy Chun.


Located at Level 1 of Sky Avenue, its prominent location is a standout. The Samgeori Butchers is a BBQ grill restaurant that serves premium pork &
beef. Samgeori Butchers in Hongdae is where YG Food (a subsidiary group) all started. Its second branch in Korea – 3 Butcher’s, is an upgraded version of the original, serving only first-class pork and beef in a classy setting.
While Samgeori Butcher’s at YG Republique Kuala Lumpur will reimagine the modern space inspired by old Korean style butcher’s shop that incorporates a setting of vintage, nostalgic tableware and furniture, the ambience at Sky Avenue Genting Highlands is mirrored by a chic, comfortable and classy setting.


Wall mural done by local artist Jagung!

However, the same first-class meat will still be prepared, cooked to perfection and served in the coolest settings. This includes small little details like nostalgic packaged meat – it comes to the table wrapped in nostalgic newsprint butcher paper, reminiscing the old times in

They allow you to DIY for the cooking process. You may also request for them to cook for you.

Samgeori Butcher’s presents 3 different types of premium pork cuts that are cured in Cypress Pine to add flavour and texture. Special sauces are developed to accentuate the pork flavours and we only use Iberico pork from Spain.

Iberico Pork Jaw
Pickles and salad will be served if you order sets!

They also serve carefully chosen high quality beef with special cuts, then
cured for the optimum taste, incorporating the 3 Cross Aging – Wet Aging (4
Weeks) → Dry + Cypress Aging (3 Days) and uses Turmeric gray salt to accentuate the flavour of beef.

Wagyu Beef from Kyushu, Japan

Marinated LA Ribs

Besides BBQ grill, Samgeori Butcher’s also features an array of classic YG ala carte meals, including Korean Fried Chicken, Pork Fried Rice, Budae Jjigae, Korean pancakes and many more.

Butcher’s (Pork) Fried Rice
Korean Army Stew
Korean Fried Chicken – 3 flavours are available: Original, Spicy & Garlic
Spring Onion Pancake

YG Republique Genting

Level 1, Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands

Tel: +603 6101 1276

Read our review about on their KL outlet HERE!

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