YG Republique Malaysia @ TREC, KL

Where better to put a food complex totally dedicated to YG than in TREC Kuala Lumpur located along the bustling Jalan Tun Razak – where many locals and tourists would be able to venture around at this entertainment and F&B enclave in Kuala Lumpur.


Located in this complex is an authentic Korean BBQ / grill restaurant (Samgeori Butchers) and a pub (K-Pub) that presents Korean bar food with drinks. YG Republique has three outlets in South Korea, after the ever so popular Samgeori Butchers pork barbecue restaurant in Hongdae and has recently opened its first branch overseas in Bangkok’s Show DC mall. The company is still expanding to China, Japan, Los Angeles and other international locations.

YG Republique is a place to experience variety of dynamic Korean culture and entertainment. It sums up a fulfilling night out with great food, good drink and glorious time at this chic & hip entertainment restaurant.


The Samgeori Butcher’s is a BBQ grill restaurant that serves premium pork & beef. 3 Butcher’s at YG Republique Kuala Lumpur will reimagine the modern space inspired by old Korean style butcher’s shop. It incorporates a setting of vintage, nostalgic tableware, furniture with improved design and deco. However, the same first-class meat will still be prepared, cooked to perfection and served in the coolest settings.



This includes small little details like nostalgic packaged meat – it comes to the table wrapped in nostalgic newsprint butcher paper, reminiscing the old times in Korea.



Butcher’s Sampler (420g) – for 2 people (RM170)
Spanish Iberico Pork of all 3 cuts: Pork Neck, Pork Belly & Jaw

3 Butcher’s presents 3 different types of premium pork cuts that are cured in Cypress Pine to add flavour and texture. Special sauces are developed to accentuate the pork flavours.

Using the suction technology to suck away the smoke, resulting an odour-less BBQ experience.





Refillable banchans & salads that goes with the Sampler Butcher’s Set



Andong Jjimdak – RM88
Traditional Korean Chicken Stew cooked with glass noodles. This is one of YGKL’s Special items. So flavourful and the chicken was cooked till smooth and soft.



YG Special’s Budae Jjigae – RM60
Korean famous army stew with pork, ham, sausage, kimchi, ramen & rice cakes




Spicy Squid and Pork Belly Bulgogi – RM35




K PUB is all about pairing, sharing & gathering. It is Malaysia’s first authentic fully K-pop bar that exudes the casual, chic and fun vibe, with an extensive food and drinks to match. Indulge in K-pop tunes while enjoying a wide variety of beverages including soju cocktails, makgeoli, craft beers, wines, cocktails, Korean whisky and more! Pair the drinks with food from the delicious K-snacks menu that includes Spicy Rice Cakes, Seasnail salad, Korean Pancake, K-Fried Chicken, Red Chicken, Garlic Sauce Chicken – which are among some of their fun bar grub to fill hungry pangs!



Garlic Sauce Fried Chicken – RM52 (M Size)
Korean famous fried chicken served with garlic sauce




Assorted Dried Snacks
All these ingredients imported from Korea
Great for beer / drinks pairing!



Spot your favourite YG Artist’s signature around YGKL!



HG-01 & HG-02 Hive, TREC, 438, Jalan Tun Razak
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 2110 4104
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/YGREPUBLIQUEKL/

Business Hours: DAILY
Samgeori Butchers: 12-3pm / 6pm-2am
K PUB: 5pm – 3am

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