Gems of Mid-Autumn at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Time to light the lanterns and feast on mooncakes – the Mid-Autumn Festival is almost here!
Mark your diary for 4th October! The whole family gets involved in the celebration giving them time to bond as they gather the harvest, pray and offer thanksgivings. Business partners and friends also show their gratitude by sharing mooncake gifts. The Lantern festival is not complete without savouring the tasty mooncakes which come in various shapes, colours and flavours!



Another personal favourite mooncake would be from the Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur!

Without failing to beat the norm, they offer a glorious array of classic and signature snow skin mooncakes from now till 4 October 2017. The mooncake selection consists of 12 new and classic flavours.

The baked mooncake flavours are Red Bean, Lotus Seed Paste with yolks, Black Sesame Seed Paste with yolk, White Lotus Seed Paste with or without yolks and Assorted Nuts and Sun-Dried Fruits.
The snow skin varieties include Ping Pei Custard with Bird’s Nest, Ping Pei Red Bean with Walnuts, Ping Pei Mango White Chocolate Feuilletine and Ping Pei Durian.







The mooncakes are presented in Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur’s custom-designed gift boxes which are ideal gifts for family, friends and corporate associates.
The 2-tiered Deluxe Gift Box features a choice of four mooncakes.
The 3-tiered Premium Gift Box comprises of 12 varieties of baked mooncakes.
**There is a limited edition series of only 500 units of the Signature Gift Box which consists of six mini Ping Pei Musang King Durian mooncakes.


Comes with a drawer 🙂



Mooncake gift boxes can be customised to include the name and logo of companies for purchases of 50 boxes or more on a single receipt, with three days’ prior notice. For every mooncake gift box purchased, customers will receive a rebate voucher worth RM20 which can be used at Shang Palace, Zipangu, Lafite and Lemon Garden.

The price of the mooncakes at Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur ranges from RM 26 to RM 40 for individual pieces and RM 104 to RM 498 for the gift boxes. The mooncake counter at the hotel lobby will be open daily from now till 4th October between 10am – 9.30pm for customers to choose and purchase their mooncakes.


Double Yolk Lotus anyone?? 🙂



For enquiries and orders, please call 03-
2074 3560 or visit www.shangri-la-

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