Zespri 14-Days Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge: Day 7!

As you might notice there was an overload of kiwi pictures on our blogsposts, instagram & FB page, hope you could bear with us as we have another week to go! 😀 No we’re not bragging about challenge, but somehow we loved it!
Read on why we have to do this on our Day 1 post 🙂

It has been a week living together with Mr. Zespri *ahem* we meant eating it and that feeling was still amazing.
Mr. Zespri is not just an ordinary kiwifruit!
Wanna know why?

Photo 06-07-2013 10 43 17 AM

There are 15 papers/ journals published about the healthy benefits of kiwi. Love these scientific facts. Thus for us, to convert them to “English”, here’s why we think Zespri Kiwi is our super fruit!

#1 Cute
Well, that’s not really a plus point but it’s definitely an easy fruit to eat!

Photo 02-07-2013 03 15 33 PM


#2 Can make juices out of it!
We mixed the different kiwi variants together with Chia Seed and it turned out a filling breakfast!

Photo 03-07-2013 11 00 19 AM

Photo 03-07-2013 01 44 49 PM


#3 Can make us bake!
Learned a new fact: Kiwi muffins are easy to make! Check out our work HERE

Photo 04-07-2013 03 21 39 PM


#4 Can make Sweet & Sour Pork yo!!
It’s the first time ever we had this dish WITH Kiwi, which made the sauce even more appetizing as it’s sweeter and more sour. Extra tangy flavours!

Photo 06-07-2013 10 43 52 AM


#5 High Dose of Vitamin C!
Fact: Zespri Kiwifruit provides one of the highest levels of Vitamin C with each bite & has twice the amount of Vitamin C compared to oranges.

Photo 01-07-2013 01 39 27 PM



#6 Can be paired with Beauty Drinks!
For enhanced effect & better skin. Antioxidant properties & high dose of Vitamin C that all girls would love 🙂

Photo 06-07-2013 10 45 22 AM

Photo 06-07-2013 11 08 47 AM


We’re pretty sure we can share more healthy infos and what we felt more as we go on the challenge further and eating more Kiwis daily!
Shall update more then!
Meanwhile, learn more about Zespri Kiwifruit on their website: http://zespri.com.my/

Photo 30-06-2013 01 22 19 PM

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3 Replies to “Zespri 14-Days Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge: Day 7!”

  1. I agree.. kiwis give terrific skin! 😀 nice one!

  2. Through this 14-day challenge, I have come to realize that it’s actually pretty easy to include kiwifruits into your diet as long as you put your heart to it! No more excuses! Last night, I had donuts for dinner and I decided to have some green kiwifruit to go along with it 🙂 I got my Vitamin C boost that way too! The possibilities are endless. What’s more amazing is that I have been eating kiwifruits for close to 14 days in a row!

  3. […] Throughout this 14 days journey, we’ve sorta become less boring when it comes to handling kiwifruit. Haha, though not very creative but still, we really enjoyed the ways of enjoying kiwis together with our meals. Read on how/ what we felt after consuming Kiwi consecutively for a week […]

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