Kampachi by Equatorial, Plaza@Jaya33

Kampachi @ Equitorial has always been one of my favourite Japanese fix and Chris knows it well 🙂
Compensating the loss of its KL Equatorial venue, Kampachi has opened another new outlet in Petaling Jaya, allowing most PJ families who are not so willing to drive all the way to KL’s Kampachi at Troika or Pavilion for some scrumptious Japanese treats.
Time really flies. Ultimately fast.
As it’s the time of the year for Chris and I to “mini-celebrate” our dating anniversary again ♥
Know we are not dating anymore but we just can’t help it when it comes to celebrating our ONE DOZEN YEARS together *smile* Always a reason for celebration, I mean, EAT. Haha.


It’s been quite sometime since we last had Kampachi. Our previous Kampachi meal was at KL’s Equatorial Hotel Sunday buffet spread! Gosh that was really years ago.
However, our visit to Jaya33’s outlet was another reassurance visit as their food quality & service standards were buckled up to tremendous level still.


Special Sushi Bento – RM100
Special Bento with assorted premium Sushi & Sashimi with Grilled Eel.
Thick cuts, fresh fish, perfect combo. The melt-in-your-mouth sensation was superb 🙂






Sukiyaki & Soft Kani Maki – RM48
Sliced Beef & Vegetables in Sukiyaki Sauce & Soft Shell Crab Roll
Intense broth with maximum flavour, great meat texture.






Super silky smooth texture that Chris and I loved so much. And yes, it wobbled 🙂



Macha Ice Cream with Red Beans – RM18



Abekawa Mochi – RM16
Rice Cake coated with Mixed Nuts
We still declare this as the best mochi in the world! *smirk*
Chewy rice cake coated & drowned in fragrant nuts!


Photo 30-06-2013 10 48 31 PM



Happy faces 🙂 Happy ONE DOZEN YEARS!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Photo 30-06-2013 08 20 19 PM

Photo 01-07-2013 11 46 52 PM


Kampachi by Equatorial
1st Floor, Plaza@Jaya33,
1 Jalan Kemajuan, Seksyen 13,
46100 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Tel: +60 3 7931 6938

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3 Replies to “Kampachi by Equatorial, Plaza@Jaya33”

  1. peter bostock says: Reply

    Not the Kampachi we know from the Equatorial days! Then, the service was impeccable as was the food.
    Last night (July 11) one of our guests asked for HOT WATER in place of hot tea.
    We got blank stares, followed by lots of reasons why Kampachi wouldn’t/couldn’t provide HOT WATER.
    Why not? All kinds of silly answers such as they only serve bottled water, filtered water but not HOT WATER! We asked how about they pour hot water without adding the tea leaves? And we offered to pay for the plain hot water!

    Nope said a series of waitresses. Finally, we asked to see the F&B manager, and one waitress had the cheek to say the manager would say the same thing. In any case, manager never came to our table!!!


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