Tenji Japanese Buffet @ Solaris Mont’ Kiara

We’ve never ventured out far to neither Sri Hartamas or Mont’ Kiara. Even if we have done so, it was ages ago. When Bao suggested that we should go check Tenji out, I agreed immediately. When I first read about its first review from Precious Pea in Glasgow, this has been one of the must-visit place for me whenever I’m back 🙂
Also a visit for a small celebration of my bro’s victory and effort in gaining himself a title in his dance competitions. Off we went, dashing through the fear of getting lost and without much assistance, we manage to dig this place out 🙂

After several turns in the area of Mont Kiara, we reached an area very alien to us. Shoplots of eateries mushrooming around SohoKL. Another neighbourhood to venture out for more fares soon after.

I was quite excited about the visit as it was the first Japanese cuisine that I’m having after long periods of yearning in Glasgow. Plus, the promotion they are having now is kinda tempting too; RM39.90++ for lunch (11.30am-4pm) which is quite a steal, we thought.

bro & Bao

Tenji welcomed us with its vast and stylish looking entrance. First impression was good. However when it comes to ushering us to our seats, we find the staff rather unprofessional. He walked too fast and we could barely follow! Maybe we were too busy studying their environment ;P Before entering the main dining area where the buffet spread stand, an alresco dining area themed the garden couldn’t be missed. Bet it would be lovely sitting here at night.

The Interior:

We took a stroll around before grabbing our plates to fill up our hunger. There seemed to be lots of selection on the first round, but after scrutinizing properly, there weren’t many selections as we thought there would be. Despite that, here’s some of the fares that we wanna share:

sushis, sashimis & oysters

tepanyaki mutton & fish

grilled beef with enoki mushroooms

assortment of mushrooms


Some of the steamed dishes:

Fruits & drinks:


Haagen Dazs

not-so-awesome Japanese cheesecakes & durian cheesecake

tiramisu & strawberry cheese tart

do not judge by the way it looks. Fluffy on the outside, empty inside!

Verdict: Overall we were really disappointed with the food and service. Besides the lack of selections, we thought that their standard might have dropped tremendously since its opening. Before this, I’ve heard quite a number of great feedback from friends and floggers. Perhaps it’s due to their promotion? Half the price, half the standard.
Service were not impressive either. A classy ambiance, but what we get is a service from… say.. mamak stall? Not being harsh, but one of the waiter just took my plate off while I was still eating without asking! I wouldn’t tolerate that, would you? Sigh…
And I even thought of having a dinner at the open air dining area someday. Maybe I’ll have to think twice.

Still lots of improvement, really hope that they upgrade their current standard to what they used to do and maintain it.

Disclaimer: This is our personal dining experience and we do not intend to forbid patrons/ readers from trying for themselves. Perhaps you think they’ve already improved, do drop by and tell us 🙂

Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant
Lot L-01-01, SohoKL,
Solairs Mont Kiara,
No 2, Jalan Solaris,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 1700-80-1818

Weekday operation hours:
Lunch 11:30am – 4:00pm RM77++
Dinner 5:30pm – 9.30pm RM88++
Supper 10:00pm – 2:30am RM88++

Weekend & Public Holiday:
Lunch 11:30am – 4:00pm RM77++
Dinner 5:30pm – 9.30pm RM88++
Supper 10:00pm – 2:30am RM88++

Promotion: 01/08/09-30/09/09
Weekdays Lunch RM39.90++
Daily Supper RM49.90++

Blogs reviewed:

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16 Replies to “Tenji Japanese Buffet @ Solaris Mont’ Kiara”

  1. oO…
    food not that good liao? my first and second experiences in dec08 were great. aiks…
    time to do some improvement lor @@

    how is it when compared to jogoya? now got promotion o… 3rd person get to enjoy 19.90 for lunch n 29.90 for dinner. i know i m the odd one but anyone interested??? we share

  2. oh ya, forgot to ask, got try their black sesame mochi??? deeeelicious!

  3. I tried Tenji when they first opened last year. Food was not bad, but service was lacking. rif's parents went last week, and they said the food was terrible. Worst, there was a cockroach in the pau they ordered. Such a put off!

  4. Huh…Still not yet improve after so many bad reviews abt them? Memang tak boleh diharapkan =.=''

  5. wow..after so many blogger talk bad about them, they are just still the same ha..i thought of paying a visit, guess i have to hold back~

  6. still the same eh?
    i went at the beginning of the year as well. the half price promo.


    nothing short of disappointment.

  7. Big boys Oven says: Reply

    OMG! you drop by this place . . . . . recently I read it was not good at all, we tried some other place and decided to skip japanese buffets! no no for the tome being, and tather go for ala carte japanese dining! :0

  8. Big boys Oven says: Reply

    ai wei: hmmmm jogoya also not far from Tenji….. better stay put at Kampaichi

  9. Lyrical Lemongrass says: Reply

    I guess they can't handle the volume. Have yet to eat here. Shelving it to the back of the list. 😛

  10. when i first read about their opening, it seemed promising. and the location is definitely good. i've yet to visit too. better gambatte lor, tenji. 🙂

  11. So sad rite when such a hyped up restaurant deteriorate to such a state. Hey, most mamak stalls service now very efficient except when it comes to billing time.

  12. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Tenji and Jogoya is kinda out of our list for the time being dear 🙂
    Let's go try Genji someday!!
    and.. they din even have the black sesame mochi u mentioned! they have this roasted mochi which was so… eeew.. what a let-down! 🙁

    It really was! Guess this is what's happening to the restaurants nowadays.They just can't maintain their standard and efficiency, can they? Sigh… ;P and a cockroach?? omg. This was totally unacceptable.Did they complain? 😉

    totally tidak boleh diharapkan 🙁
    a total let-down

    looks like tenji really have to keep up the good work if they want visits again from us.. haha ;P

    gosh. u went there with cheaper price summore! but their quality of food was bad 🙁
    Really nothing to shout about.

    we didn't know.. haha. Guess I didn't do enough homework. Should have read more latest reviews on Tenji. ;P Yea.. I agree. Kampachi is a million times better! ;P

    Lyrical Lemongrass~
    yea. better do so for the time being as till now, there is still not much good feedback about this place.

    they really need to come up with a plan to work on their quality of food and services ;P haha.

    yea. I think their environment was kinda great! but still lots of improvement work on the food need to be done 🙂
    haha… maybe I shud not use the word mamak! lol. u were right. Mamak nowadays are very efficient 🙂

  13. Below are my comments about Tenji Japanese Buffet, after my visit on 7th August 2009

    Variety: A lot
    Environment: OK
    Service: OK
    Food Quality: Poor
    Food Taste: Poor

    1) Japanese:
    ** Sashimi & sushi: No comment on the taste. Small slice of meat, more rice (料少饭多)
    ** Cold dish, appetizer, deep fried & ready food: All poor quality & taste
    ** Tepanyaki: Poor food quality and taste. Cooked by “foreigners “(外劳), they don't look like qualified chefs
    ** Ala-carte: only steamed cod fish taste nice ( the "ONLY" MUST order dish )

    2) Chinese
    ** Ready cooked dishes: Mostly poor taste. All meat too dry, no original taste (吃不到原汁原味)
    ** Clay pot and Soup ( have few type herbal soup & seafood sharkfin ): normal, acceptable
    ** Dim Sum: All lousy taste

    3) Western
    ** Ready cooked dishes: Mostly poor taste. All meat: poor quality & texture, too dry, no original taste(吃不到原汁原味)
    ** Limited variety

    4) Pastry
    **Cakes: many varieties, fresh, look nice (见到都会流口水)–> BUT poor quality, 95% taste lousy (没有一点蛋糕的香味)
    I had eaten 30 cakes and few desserts & pudding, only ONE (pandan layer cake) is acceptable

    **Cookies: ALL lousy taste ( either too hard, too soft, too sweet or tasteless). All lack of biscuit fragrance

    ** Ice-cream: 5 flavors only. Go in September, there will be 2 more brands (baskin robin & kindori)

    5) Fruit, Juice, Dessert
    ** Fruit: poor quality (not fresh, too ripe or no taste), and lack of variety

    ** Juice: please avoid ice-blended fruit juice. I ordered dragon fruit. They put a VERY small piece of dragon fruit in a jar, fill it full with ice cubes, added 3 big bowls of sugar syrup, and blended it, to make 3 big glasses of juice. So just imagine, you are not drinking fruit, but sugar.

    ** Chocolate fondue: low grade chocolate. All the biscuit sticks / cookies for dipping, are in poor quality & taste

    Normal price for lunch MYR 77.00 ++ (net MYR 88.60). Not worth to eat.
    With the promotion price at MYR 39.90++ (net MYR 46), is OK for the many varieties of food.
    If you are not a demanding person on quality and taste, can go to try. Just lower your expectation and you will definitely enjoy the buffet.

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    It fits very well for the location, and photos are really amazing .. delicious .. I'll see if this weekend and so I draw my own criticisms.

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