Spicing up Monday blues

It’s been so long since both of us really enjoyed a bowl of Malaysian noodles.
You won’t be able to find the genuine taste here.
It’s another Monday again & hope these home-cooked noodles could help tidy up the Monday blue syndrome!

What Chris cooked to restore what we’ve been missing so long.

Curry Noodles with Crispy Fried Chicken

Being away from the Chili Pan Mee that I used to favourite isn’t any pleasing either…
Our own version of Chili Ramen was an antidote!
The minced pork was flavoursome and the addition of crunchy anchovies boosted its tastiness. Most importantly, the egg have to be about 3/4 cooked. Add in the amount of chili u desire and mix ’em all up!

Not that I was being boastful, but these churned out delicious! Especially the Minced Pork Noodles with Chili Prawn 🙂

Psst.. remember to add in chili flakes for the extra oomph!

Signing off now as my PharmCare Essay needs severe attention.
Recipes will be updated soon.
Have a great day!

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8 Replies to “Spicing up Monday blues”

  1. nice..dont fancy that curry mee…but more interested to the minced pork noodles with chili flakes…haiyo…i couldnt find the chilli prawn in Aberdeen ledi…next time my turn to go Glasgow sapu them…is the mince meat the same ingredients we used during our hakka noodle feast during CNY? im gonna cook it this week…but not with chili prawn..with the belacan…it taste good too i think

  2. Wow, Chris is such a great chef huh~~~

  3. *drooling* The chili prawn noodles definitely looked appetizing. 🙂 Looking forward to the recipe. 😉

  4. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    you can sapu the chili prawn here ;P got lots in the Chinese supermarket here.. hehe..
    The mince meat is yummier than last time! Very flavoursome. You should try mixing that egg together. Extra moist and smooth ;P
    Belacan should be fine… let me know how it taste.

    yea.. getting better ;P haha

    will get it from Chris! ^^
    you can try making it for yourself. Very appetizing ;P

  5. then what cwei add to the meat?

  6. chilli prawn noodles sounds delicious….This is something i would like to try. awaiting for your recipe..here in U.S. it is very hard to find chinese food products…however, i have found a great resource http://www.myethnicworld.com where i can pass great along as well.

  7. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Hi dawn, thanks for dropping by 🙂
    will be uploading the recipe up soon. Kinda busy with project nowadays. It’s very easy to make, provided you have the ‘chili’. 😛
    and most importantly, the mince meat.
    glad you’ve found a good resource.

    It’s kinda easy to get Chinese food products here in Glasgow., but it’s more expensive. Well, for the sake of good food, we wouldn’t mind! ;P

  8. Love to try this on my own one day. Thanks for the recipe!

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