Kokuryo @ Argyle Street, West End

It was during HeuYee’s birthday when all of us decided to go check out some Korean cuisines around Glasgow. Took a cab to West End, where we settled down in a small Korean eatery nestled at the corner for some chow down.

Offering a Korean menu with selections of rice, noodles and hot pots. Sushis were in their menu too. But their sushi was way too costly I thought.

What’s in your mind when speaking about dining in a Korean restaurant?
No doubt.
Complimentary side dishes!!
Where you’ll get a great variation. Distinctive colours with great different flavours.

I was excited.
But was turned down with only 4 selections.
I was too greedy. haha.. nono.
I was just too expecting ;P
No complains on their taste though…
Kimchi was alright.

dol sot bi bim bab (Stone Pot) – 8.99 pounds
Sliced beef with rice and a variety of vegetables & egg served with home made sauce, served with miso soup.
Piping hot ingredient and rice sizzling energetically in the stone pot. Love the gravy poured over my fragrant rice and beef. I just couldn’t forego any bibimbab 🙂

Sizzling bul go ki – 8.99 pounds
Chargrilled marinated beef in rich soy sauce, served with salad greens and rice.

Sizzling dak gai bi – 8.99 pounds
Chargrilled chicken with Korean style rice cake, sweet potatoes and vegetables, served with rice.
Though claimed good, but there were only 2 small pieces of rice cakes, overwhelmed with chickens and sauce.

Sizzling oh sam bul go ki – 8.99 pounds
Korean bulgoki (spicy pork) with squids, served with rice.
Very flavoursome. Not too spicy, yet exciting.

Was very filling indeed and we walked all the way back to JBC while exploring the Christmas lightings in Glasgow.

1138 Argyle Street

West End
G3 8TD
Tel.: +44 0141 3345 566

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8 Replies to “Kokuryo @ Argyle Street, West End”

  1. oh one glance at Argyle and tot in HK. =P

    colourful dishes … and looked OK, from thepics.

  2. it seems exp but once a while indulge urself with something good definately will boost u up.

    besides, they are pretty delicious! 😛

  3. i am craving for korean food now. Hmmm…Where to go for korean food ler…..Ar….Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant..Hehe 🙂

  4. I like Korean BBQ 🙂

  5. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    HK? haha… It was not bad after all ;P
    But pricey tho.
    Love the colors of Korean food. They always presented them nicely 🙂

    Yes! Bet we will go makan crazy if u are here with me 🙂

    Daorae! Will definitely go again next time 🙂
    Wait for me la…. haha..

    me too 🙂 Although everytime I’ll end up smelling like a barbecued meat after each session… I don’t mind at all! lol..

  6. i miss the korean BBQ i had at US trip.. yum yum….

  7. I like Kokuryo as well. I even came across people coming all the way from Edinburgh just to dine in this restaurant. Will go again.

    BTW, I thought we’re not allowed to take pictures in the restaurant. Me and my friends were told by the staff there not to take pic.. 🙁

  8. Wow!! Finally found someone with all of my badkorguncs! 😀 I agree the stares can be intimidating at first, but once things settle, you really come to love being mixed!

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