Happy Birthday Bro!

A non-food post

17th November
marks the birth date of my mischievous and cool bro.
Just wanna dedicate something to you, Kent (if u r reading this), since I’m far away from home ;P
Sorry, no presents this year. Oops! Promise I’ll double up your prezzies next year ;P and make you REAL cupcakes ^^

I hate to say this…. but I really miss you la! haha..

Happy 19th Birthday Kent!
Love ya!

This is a video of him participating in the Gatsby Styling Dance Contest
Feel free to VOTE for him HERE
Pls do! 🙂

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7 Replies to “Happy Birthday Bro!”

  1. hey!!
    ur bro very geng LOL..
    anyways at first i thought he was holding a tennis ball hehe

  2. he’s good! yea i tot it was a tennis ball too.. =)

  3. voted!

    and happy birthday to ur bro!~

  4. wow!! he is so cool ! ^_^

  5. wow… cupcakes… when wan to make me real ones ? Wait for u to make when you’re back k. Lolz~ Thx for de card and da leaf.. ^^ the leaf very nice… ^^ thx lots~ I’m having a great time here, doin performances with my crew(I suck solo alone), and doin my assignments and so on. U and Chee Wei take care too yarh~ ^^

  6. Happy Birthday to your brother! His birthday is exactly one month before mine! 🙂

  7. whoah..yr bro is good la.

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