Dim Sum @ Loon Fung

We used to spend our Sunday mornings savouring dim sums as breakfast with parents.
I really missed that, though there were times I got sick of having these small steamed and fried savoury dumplings with various fillings. I was a fool to feel that way now.

Watching the GF heartrending, the BF enlightened her up with the best remedy.
Dim Sum in Glasgow!

Marched over to Loon Fung for Dim Sum as lunch. (They only open at 12)

It was our first time having dim sums for lunch. Yea… it was…Initially thought of going there early in the morning for “yum jo cha”. Luckily the BF overslept! 🙂 or was it the GF?. LoL.

We didn’t expect too much, so I guess the meal does paid off in a good way……

Pricing: It was standardized @ 3 pounds per dish.

King Prawn Cheung Fun (Rice Flour Roll)

*Cheung Fun is only served till 6pm

Prawns were fresh and the smooth cheung fun that wraps them were dunked in an inviting sauce.

Stuffed Mixed Meat Dumpling (Siew Mai)

Another yummy share. Worth trying and I just heart siew mais! These were not bad at all.

Steamed Shanghai Dumpling (Xiu Long Bao)

A big NO for us…..

It was almost tasteless… The BF still opts for the tasty broth with hints of saltiness of KL’s version.

Shanghai Wor Tip

We think these were even better than Esquire Kitchen’s preparation! Piping hot fragrant skin, tasty filling. Dipping these into the vinegar modestly doubled the yumz.

Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf (Lo Mai Fan)

Rather different from what we had in Malaysia in aspects of taste and colour. We wouldn’t say it ain’t nice at all, but it was kinda spanking to try something new after all. I personally think it was yummy, so does the thoughtful BF who footed the bill. Hehe….

I would recommend the King Prawn Cheung Fun & Siew Mais! Do try 🙂

More Dim Sums coming up next!

Malaysia’s Dim Sums tho……

The BF still thinks KL’s dim sum spread were better. So does the GF! More varieties? *nod nod*

Loon Fung
417-419 Sauchiehall St ,
Glasgow , Lanarkshire
G2 3LG
Phone: +44 0871 7147604

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12 Replies to “Dim Sum @ Loon Fung”

  1. "Joe" who is constantly craving says: Reply

    wow..glasgow has dim sum..i suppose sufficient to satisfy the cravings until you come back for the hols rite?

  2. It’s year end, you should be back for CNY right? 🙂

  3. Yah! Come back for KL dim sum!!!

  4. From the look of the dim sum, not too bad wor. Even in Melb, people have dim sum for lunch, funny isn’t it?

  5. Dim Sum for lunch? hah.. I used to had Dim Sum when I go back penang, it’s cheaper and more delicious?

  6. Actually u can see from the HK drama they will have dim sum for lunch~~ somemore got special discount on some particular period 🙂

  7. 3 pounds per dish….

    oh dear! can have many in Tai Thong d….:p

  8. looks nice but i think its even better to have it with nice chinese tea like ‘pur er’

  9. i suka loon fung… the king prawn cheong fan… n that siu long bao… ahhhhhhhhhhh… i want!

  10. I’ve never had Dim Sum but it all looks so delicious. I could imagine how having it on a regular basis could grow a bit old though!

  11. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    yes! but will have those ‘hold back’ feelings cos it’s kinda expensive if compared to the ones back home! hehe… Wont’ be coming back for hols.. Gonna finish my course first ;P

    Sadly, no… Having classes during CNY 🙁 Will only be coming back after my course ends next summer ^^

    I want too!! Missin’ ’em soooo much ;P
    Meanwhile, these shud cure my cravings first. hehe..

    precious pea~
    yea… I didn’t expect they turned out to be so good 🙂
    We’re not used to it, usually have dim sums back home early in the morning… haha ^^
    Ang Mohs wake up late maybe?? lol ;P

    JC @ Jessey~
    dim sum only starts during lunch here 😉 Penang dim sum? I’ve not tried yet. Malaysia’s dim sum surely tasted better! and more variety… most importantly, it’s way way cheaper 🙂

    really? I thought they had them for breakfast ;P haha. Even when I’m in HK, we frequent dim sum for breakfast ;P

    yea… pound value now dropping.. so it’s kinda cheap already… lol ;P
    u r right. can have plenty in Tai Thong. ^^

    MOM!! 🙂
    I miss having dim sum with the family!! Pur Er.. our favourite! 🙂
    Wanna come dine here next year?? 🙂

    have you and lou tried? the XLB only so-so. King prawn chee cheung fun very nice! 🙂

    Never had dimsum? You should try! They are just superb 🙂 Will definitely make your day. 🙂

  12. goodness! That’s nice of Chris to be so sweet! =)

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