LOVE is priceless

this is a non-food post

It seems like yesterday, when i first set my foot in a foreign place so far from home.
Adapting to a totally new environment is kinda tough for me. What’s more when I received a shocking news from mom 2 weeks later.
A news of misery. As my dad’s liver’s cancer marker is not resolved even after several times of treatment and a transplant is what best for him.
Liver transplant!

Mental breakdown and have emo-ing for a few weeks. Finding the right donor is difficult enough but luckily, my eldest cousin is willing to offer help. Tests were done for matches and he passed. However, disappointment once again happened when the Singapore Ethics Committee rejected him after an interview. We were all pissed and sad at the same time, especially my mom. What’s wrong with them anyway!! Acting in the best interest of patient? Yeah rite!! ;(

I looked upon my mom. She have been so strong all the way. Taking care of my dad and family. And the worst part is: I’m not around to share their pressure.
In the end, my mom offered to go for the test. And she is fit to donate. Good news and bad news at one go. My dad found the suitable liver, but mom is the one who is donating. Worried sick!

The operation took place on the first day I was having my exam. Fixing my mind on the paper is really challenging. Anxious and worried. After about 10 hours of the operation, my bro, aunt and uncle broke the good news of 2 successful operation! Dad’s body accepted half of my mom’s liver and is still happily staying there now 🙂

Overwhelming definitely!
I can’t wait to be back by their side to help boost their mood!

Mom and dad, Get well soon! I love U dearly 🙂

and not to forget to thank my friends and Chris who encouraged and motivated me to stay strong and consoling me when tears of mine roll down helplessly.

I am greedy. I wish for more good news.
I want to pass my PP3 final exam next week!
the scariest paper that gave me ups and downs… I shall not fear you!

LOVE is really priceless,
As no one could evaluate it.
Motivation is what one need to move on,
There’s nothing in the world that could not be done,
I trust that I could get over the troubles,
and I will…
as LOVE supports me to.

p/s: will be away for 2 weeks as holidays will officially start 🙂

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34 Replies to “LOVE is priceless”

  1. Ms. _____ 2 be ! says: Reply

    I wish your parents a smooth recovery!

  2. happy holidays, and hope you pass with flying colours! final exam? so fast?!!

  3. Enjoy your holidays….will pray for your parents for a speedy recovery! ;o)

  4. christine dear,
    dun worry so much ok.
    i have faith tat u can do it next week n it’s gonna b another good news trust me !
    may ur parents be healthy n recover fast
    i’m sure they will. u too be strong k..

    ps: i’m no longer using my blogspot.currently using wordpress

  5. what more else to say 🙂
    may you have a wonderful year ahead dear! hehe

    and oh i’m waiting for our outing 😛

    pp3 is not a fear to us! we can do it:)

  6. be strong girl. Glad that things are ok now. And no worries, u have all of us here:)
    we’ll get thru everything together.
    all the best to us in pp3 next week.
    we can do it!!!!:)

  7. Yea, be strong Christine. I believe your parents want you to focus on your exam.
    Take care~

  8. i wish that your parents will get well real soon. All the best in your exam, girl. stay strong!!

  9. hey…. u r such a good daughter… i will pray for them and hope te get well soon! Gmabateh!

  10. *hugs* wishing your parents recovery real soon and hope you pass the exam well!

  11. dear, not to worry much, concentrate hard hard in ur exam!
    ur parents have gone thru the tough time. and now, must take good care to recover fast n soon!

    add oil to them!!!

  12. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Ms. _____ 2 be !~
    Thanks a lot 🙂

    thanks ya. This semester is a quick and hectic one 😛 Glad it’s ending soon 🙂

    thx 🙂 really appreciate it. Yes. A speedy recovery.

    thank you so much dear. And congrats on ur exemption. U deserve it 🙂
    Will hang on tight till the PP3 final is finished 🙂 Wish me luck! ;P Can’t wait to see my parents.

    We can do it!! and thx for the wishes 🙂 *hugz* All the best for pp3!

    I will not fear as I have so many of u with me :)hehe.Thanks!
    Let’s get thru this together! 🙂
    Good Luck for PP3!

    yea… they keep reminding me even the day before their operation took place. Made me even tensed ;P
    Glad they r ok now. Just hope they recover fast 🙂 and I can get thru the exam without hassles 🙂

    Congrats on ur exemption gal! and thank you so much!! 🙂

    thanks jackson. Really appreciate it. Will stay strong 🙂

    thanks a lot dear. Will do my best and u take care k? Having fun in Germany so far? Bet u do ^^

  13. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    yea… the bad things are gone… now I wish for more good news to come! 🙂
    Thanks dear!! U too Ganbatte!!

  14. Wish ur parents will get well soon~~

  15. ♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ says: Reply

    touching~ :“`( wishes you dad can recover faster and good luck for your exams

  16. very touching love story it actually exists.

    i hope they r both recover by now. u have been tough, girl!

    allthe best for ur pp3, yea 🙂 let’s work hard together

  17. hey girl, hope that your parents are both well by have been very strong =))
    all the best in ur exam!

  18. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    Dear..glad to hear that the operation is a successful one..I din know about this and was wondering why has u gone MIA in msn..kudos to you for staying strong in foreign land..wishing u n your family ntg but health and happiness..hugs ****

  19. take care of yourself! you cant afford to fall sick at times like these!

    there’ll always be sunshine after the rain! and you are on your way there! ;D

  20. glad that they are both doing well ~ ^_^

  21. i wish ur dad (n mom too) well…

  22. I am so happy everything turned out okay- what a loving family-

  23. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    thanks 🙂 they are getting better now.I’m glad 🙂

    thx ya! Overwhelmed by so many supports 🙂 Will be strong-ER 😛

    Can finally breathe in a more relaxed way after finishing PP3. We can do it gal!
    and thx for the wishes 🙂
    Happy Hols!! Enjoy ur trip!

    thanks a lot gal 🙂
    and congrats on ur exemption! Happy Hols to u and ur deary 🙂

    thanks dear. and I miss u both 🙂
    Will stay strong and hang on 🙂 Have really learned a lot since I came here. Facing problems, taking challenges made me think differently 🙂 A good sign also hor? ^^ But glad my parents are getting better now. Hope they get well soon!

    “there’ll always be sunshine after the rain! and you are on your way there!”
    I love this.Thanks!!

    yea… and thanks for concerning 🙂

    thanks gal.*Hugz*

    Poise daily~
    thanks for dropping by and thanks for your concern. Appreciate it, really 🙂

  24. You are so strong! Hope everything stays well and have a good time with your family. =)

  25. as long as you have spent time accompany with your parents, cheers them, taken them travelling around, care for what they needs, you have nothing to regret.

  26. Pray for both your parents speedy recovery!!.Hope you will pass your papers with flying colors!.Happy holiday to you ,and take care:)

  27. wishing u n ur family all the best!!! take care n be happy ter…

  28. Great to hear the operation went on well. Hope a speedie recovery for both of them, your mum and dad. Hope to meet up when you are back sometime end of this month!
    Hey study well yah, do give your best and concerntration in it!

    Sunny & Sidney

  29. Hope your parents a speedy recovery.

  30. And this also shows that your parents are meant for each other.

  31. Speedy recovery for Christine’s parents:)
    God bless all of you and I am sure you will do very well in your papers!
    Have fun during your vacation~

  32. gal. stay strong and think positive ya!! everything will be alright. readingyour post i felt touching and i proud of ur mom!! =) love ROCK!

  33. oh christine dear! The hardest thing about being away is knowing that something happened at home to your family. I’m glad things are looking up for you. Reading your post brought me back my memories as well. It was painful.


  34. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    thanks gal!
    Have fun in your Europe trip!! 🙂

    hi there:) Thanks for all your well wishes. U r definitely right ^^

    thx a lot! they are getting on very well so far. Gonna miss them so much again when I’m heading back to UK soon.

    Phooi Fun~
    thanks ya. I’m way happier nowadays 🙂 Not as moody as last few months ;P

    thx Sid and Sunny. I will work hard in the remaining 1 year of my studies 🙂 my parents are doing great now.
    Gonna register for ur baking class when I graduated! haha 🙂

    haha. yea… meant for each other. and Thx for the well wishes!

    thanks to you gal 🙂
    Appreciate the well wishes from u! ^^

    thanks dear
    u busy lately? have not hear from u for quite some time ^^

    *hugs* makes me feel better.thx 🙂
    yea… it was tough. But getting over the tough part with a sweet ending is what I enjoyed most. ^^ Hope there will be more good news to come ^^

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