Lessons so far…

A routine to follow each day,
Surface ideas to feed our ravenous cravings,
Lessons in cookery is enhanced,
without myself noticing it.

Food oh Food,
The main entry of all gatherings,
The cheering fare that helped our brains work…. better ;P

and so far……
we had:

One night we decided to prepare a western spread:
The “Chefs”:

Christine & Jeannie

The side dishes: source of vitamins and carbohydrates
Mashed potatoes, salads with egg and toasted wholemeal bread

The main dish: source of protein and energy
Fish fillet and beef

An ultimate diet, isn’t it? ;P
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13 Replies to “Lessons so far…”

  1. Actually I couldn’t figure out what is photo no.2 with seeing ur description 😛 How u cook that fish head?

  2. Yummy would you share your curry recipe with me?

  3. Good job! The curry looks good and the beef with smiley face is so cute. I got a feeling you will graduate with an extra degree in cookery soon 😉

  4. Beef patty with a smile? lol

  5. hahaa. the joys of shared housing!

  6. Big Boys Oven says: Reply

    hahahah looks much better than what I had when I was in Dundee! lol!

  7. wow! awesome. u guys did a great job. keep it up! i can’t wait to try out ler. geng !!!
    i should have learn more by now. aiks…

  8. please make me that cola chicken wing when we meet! yumzzzzzzzz!

    i give you A+! ;D

  9. I guess studying or staying overseas somehow unleash the hidden talent in anyone.
    I bet I’ll be making sandwiches and cooking noodles in order to survive.

  10. Keep the Western food and share with me the other dishes 🙂

  11. wow… i love the breakfast design… it can definitely be a good start of the day!

  12. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    haha… we cook it with the ABC soup. delicious. U can add in milk, pepper ans vermicelli and it’ll resemble “yu tau mai” ^^

    girl japan~
    Hi there 🙂 actually it’s just some curry paste that I brought over from Msia. Just added some water. it was tasty enough but if u like, u can add in some salt as well. Or even coconut milk ^^

    Precious Pea~
    Earning an extra degree, bet my mom would be even happier! lol

    simon seow~
    Cute or not? haha ;P

    yea… and we have to brainstorm most of the time to come out with ideas ^^

    what did u cook while u were in Dundee?? share with me la…. ;P

    dear, sowhat have u learnt so far?haha.Got any new recipes for cakes? I wanna try baking next time ^^

    sure!! Hope it’ll still taste as good. lol
    Let me master it first ;P

    Nowadays, during lunch, and especially exam times, will be surviving on breads and noodles! But at least we still have dinner time to show off our skills ^^

    U’re already a master cynthia! haha. Mine is just some simple stuff ;P

    Brighten up the day eh?
    So is Pick and Brew gonna offer some SMILEY breakfast set too?? ^^

  13. walao cola chicken??? nani?

    last year one of my hsemate made cola chicken once, and that was the once and only once time that we were so daring to try 😛

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