The Food Fair

In the hope to make plans for an event to raise fund for our class’s convo mag, the food fair was organized by the committees to furnish more ready money.
Gotta earn it ourselves…
with Food!
The success of this event just can’t be denied. From delicious foods to creative game sessions, our batch just earned all the credits before leaving off for the study breaks.

Here are just some depictions that marked our accomplishment.. as a team 🙂
Thanks to HuiYen for the pictures that I left out that day. *was busy jaga-ing my stall ma* hehe.

HuiYen with all her shares ;P

I was selling the BlueBerry Cheese Tarts and Japanese Cheese Cakes by dear AiWei. Wanna extend & express the gratefulness towards her for doing me this ‘delicious’ favour 🙂
To ShuYin, Heu Yee & Carolyn as well, you girls rally around real good.

Other items sold by my batchmates include:

Coleslaw & Soya Agar

Sarawak Laksa & Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble with Vanille Ice Cream!

Assorted Sushis

Herbal Tea Eggs

Pai Tee all the way from Penang!

Chocolate Brownies

Garlic Bread & Mushroom Soup

Mushroom soup in the making by Lydia 🙂

Screamin’ Sandwich by the lovely duo!

Satay Celup!

After satisfying ourselves with foods, my dear friends even came up with this inspired idea of having our version of ‘Deal or No Deal‘ ;P
Exhilarating & hilarious at the same time, pretty sure other students enjoyed every bit of it.

*don’t laugh* I think I’m the shortest ;P

A let-know for my batchmates;
Good work! for being collaborative.
Good Luck! for the final shot in IMU.
Let’s just hope all of us will do well and assure ourselves to say;
GoodBye! to Malaysia for the final year 😉

Oh dear… let’s just hope I can finish revising first, for the moment. *wink*

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17 Replies to “The Food Fair”

  1. foood! so many nice food in ur food fair! and u are one of the pretty gals in the deal o no deal! that sounds fun to be involved e!
    no need to thank. you din get a chance to have a bite right? next time make one for you~

    all the best dear, good luck in exam!!!

  2. Cool..nice food and pretty girl..Is that Jean (the no.4 girl from left) ?

  3. Big Boys Oven says: Reply

    walio so many food, next time we can supply cakes for you to sell and make profit, lol!

    I am laughing now, but not because of you, but that chap looks so funny!

  4. ahh… i thought the food fair looked like an IMU one, and turns out i was spot-on! ;p whr r u gng for ur final yr? when r u leaving btw?

  5. Ahhh…reminds me of my younger days! Hahaha, we had food sale to raise funds too. Deal or no Deal, what prize??? :o)

  6. So many pretty girls… but we all know who is the prettiest, ya? 😉

  7. aiks…i looked like a super greedy pig…damn paiseh..LOL

    too bad i didnt get to try everything during the fair…too much good food ady dont u agree? hehe

    happy studying gal!!! jia you!!


  8. Lyrical Lemongrass says: Reply

    Oh how I miss my youth!

    Aiyoh, ai wei’s gorgeous cheesecake is tempting me again! (first in her blog, now in yours!) hehe.

  9. what a great idea to sell aiwei’s cheesecake…i can still remember the orange flavour should have provided your lovely springrolls too… 🙂

  10. Got deal or no deal ar!!! That’s interesting!!! What’s the prize? 😉

  11. nice! what a range of food for the fair-it’s a fantastic idea to raise $ as well. Cute cheesecakes!

  12. Hahaha, very creative. Scream Sandwich.

    Ai Wei, I want to try those cakes too.

    You’re the shortest but the prettiest also.

  13. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    the fair was a succesful one 🙂
    you too gal!
    work hard for your tests and exams. I’m looking forward to hang out with you and.. Ella!

    yes! she’s my classmate, one of the finalists in Malaysian DreamGirl!
    remember to vote for her yea! 🙂

    big boys oven~
    wow…. sounds great! Bet it will be selling fast! 😉
    that guy is my class rep, who just loves taking pictures ;P

    how you know from the first look gal? you’ve been there?
    We’re leaving for Glasgow, Scotland for the final year 🙂

    we used to have these activities back at high school too 🙂
    Prize ar? “Cash”! hehe..

    *ahem* do you mind stating it clear? *wink* ;P

    you look great with your pretty smile gal!
    I din get to try everything too.. have to agree with you all the food looks great 🙂
    You Jia you too!!
    see you soon! Huggies!

    lyrical lemongrass~
    haha. you can ask her to bake for you. Bet you’ll love it! 🙂

    no time to prepare springrolls 🙁 Need quite sometime to roll them up ;P
    aiwei’s cheesecakes are better lo ^^

    Cash money! ;P

    yea. people nowadays are so willing to spend on food! so food fair to raise funds is just perfect ;P

    takwe one bite and you’ll scream ‘it’s delicious!’ ;P haha.
    “You’re the shortest but the prettiest also.” er… ^^
    ok… i’ll take that as a compliment.. thx! 😉

  14. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    Wow, what an event, so much great food to enjoy! Ai Wei’s cheesecake look so delicious! Wanna try it so badly! Haha!

  15. Thanks for dropping at my blog:) I always mistaken both Chris and you as Kampong Boy City Girl,so sorry!!.Good luck in your exam!!..nice food pix and pretty gals:)

  16. Short and sweet ma…Height is secondary, face more important!haha.

    Nice initiative by the students! My school will be having our annual SBS Day too~ And lifescience symposium. *looking forward*

    All the best in your exam! I just had one paper two days ago.So i understand the agony =)

  17. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    you should try hers! 😉
    I’ve only tried them once.. craving for more ^^

    lol.. do we look alike? ;P
    thanks for dropping by too! and.. I miss your little Mishu!

    Hi! thanks for visiting 🙂
    and thanks for the compliments ;P
    wow.. bet your event will be great as well!
    a teamed up event is always so fun!

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