Going Bananas!

These are not what I usually have… but Chris insisted that I should give it a go.
“All vege ah?” *shakes head reluctantly*
Finally he won over since my bro was on his side. There we went…
For a Banana Leaf Rice lunch.
At Y.F.C. Puchong

Banana Leaf Rice is a typical dish in South Indian cuisine.
An authentic serving of white rice, along with some appetizing side dishes of curried long beans and potatoes, diced cucumbers, cabbage or spinach, and keeping in mind… the crispy poppadums. For RM4, we were fed with all these veges and the rice is refillable. You can eat as much rice till your appetite is satisfied 🙂
Since I wanna go easy on the amount of carbs, I can’t even finish my portion of rice ;P

The potatoes and cucumbers were tasty and went well with our rice. We would love some gravy to our rice and the selections of gravies: sambal, curry fish, curry mutton and curry beef, gave us the zest.

Even the diced cucumbers and cabbages were good… The dried chilies were really spicy as well. Even a tiny bite fired us up.

We were also served with these; can’t remember what they’re called, but one of them was the appetizer while the other whitish portion was the dessert after the rice meal.
The orange-coloured liquid tasted really sour. Complement with the criteria as an appetizer since it’s sour I suppose. I didn’t like it but the guys find it ok.
However, the dessert was still acceptable although I find this preparation kinda weird ;P
It was actually prepared using goat’s milk, sago and an ingredient that resembled noodles (like spaghetti!) According to the boss, they did not put in any noodles but something else. When we asked what was the noodle-like figure, he mentioned some overbearing names that we didn’t have a clue on.

Skipping meat-loaded meals sometimes definitely do us no harm. To a further extent, it’s considered healthy too. For this wholesome meal, we can’t find excuses to pay no heed to it.
I need all the nutrients I can get for my brain to work more resourcefully during this study break ;P

~Halal~ Y.F.C.
Bandar Puteri Puchong,


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20 Replies to “Going Bananas!”

  1. dear, my very last time for banana leaf rice was year years yearss back. i miss it especially eaten with my hand n fingers. keke…
    next time you must bring me over here! k?

    add oil in studies!!! love xxmuacksxx

  2. what a bargain! I would eat there in a flash for that price-especially since it is good too.

  3. Lyrical Lemongrass says: Reply

    The “appetiser” looks like rasam which can be eaten with rice or drunk on its own, while the “dessert” is payasam. I love banana leaf rice. 🙂

  4. haha i didnt know u are such a carnivor! vegetarian sometimes ok ma

  5. I thought you still can order some other dishes like fried chicken, squids to go with the vegetarian set. Am I wrong?

  6. Oh I eat banana leaf rice at least three times a week… and while it’d nice to go vegetarian, I can never resist the meat. *slurps*

  7. no meat ah… =.=”
    but u sure with loads of curry gravy ur meal is still healthy ? :p

  8. i wan banana leaf!! slurp! last month get con by a banana leaf restaurant!! they serve with banana leaf plate!! arggg…. *naik kereta*

  9. OMFG i miss banana leave rice so much now im stuck in aussie!!

    oh maybe you should try the other one in puchong as well i dont remember the name of the mamak but we always call it kana..its near the jelly cake shop and also the old first station

    or alternatively you can try the one in bangsar..the one right infront of bsc2

    food lover

  10. from your title, i thought you were gonna blog about goreng pisang or something…haha! that appetiser is a must in every blf meal. i lurve that stuff!

  11. Actually, I love the vege varieties when eating banana leaf rice. I don’t really like vege on the all but maybe it’s mushy like baby food, so I like it! LOL!

  12. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    I will have a hard time eating with my hands ;P but it’s fun. hehe.
    bring you? sure no prob! lots to discover here at this area.
    and Thanks…you too ganbatte k!

    yea 🙂 I thought it was cheap too ;P

    lyrical lemongrass~
    thanks for the info LL!
    I like it too 🙂 the variety of veges.. yum.

    now you know gal! ;P
    not really used to.. going vegetarian unless it’s the first day of CNY. LOL. but..I find this nice too.. sometimes.. haha.

    yea. you’re right. but we wanna cut down on the meat that day ;P

    3 times a week? wow.. that’s a lot. haha. well, it’s better to stuff ourselves with more vege than meat sometimes rite ;P Like you, i still can’t resist meat ^^

    haha. We didn’t overflow our rice with the gravies dear.. ;P

    banana leaf plate! that’s funny 😉
    not that authentic loh…:)
    like lacking the originality rite ^^

    thanks for all your recommendation 🙂 I’ll give them a try if I have the time ^^
    Leaving behind the Malaysian food is definitely tough. Wonder how will I cope with it when it’s my turn then ;P

    goreng pisang! You thought too much haha. ;P the one I had…very sour…

    looks like we have something in common! 😉

  13. JeromeFo- 杰龙 says: Reply

    Like cetak rompak the name
    of ‘KFC’
    It seems that Puchong area
    is opening alot of
    Food shops.

  14. Wow, such a healthy meal. 😛 Doubt I can tahan one meal without meat. Kekeke..

  15. I know that I would have enjoyed this meal but I have to tell you, I would be mighty tempted to have the fish head curry! 🙂

  16. "Joe" who is constantly craving says: Reply

    no meat ar?? aiyoyo..i cannot tahan..

  17. durianberry says: Reply

    I love banana leaf rice! Ya I believe the milky liquid for dessert is payasam. I thought it was weird in a good way when it tasted like mutton the first time I had it at Sri Paandi.. lol

  18. They put in maggots maybe. LOL. Now usually will go to Sri Nirvana in Bangsar for banana leaf rice for lunch(supper) during night shift.

  19. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    JeromeFo- 杰龙~
    haha. I’ve never thought of that!
    yea.. this area is mushrooming with eateries! ^^

    I prefer having meat also.. but having this once in a while still ok for me ;P

    fish head curry would be great! now that you’ve reminded me, I’m tempted to try theirs next time ;P

    going vegetarian once in a while ok ma… ;P

    I’ve never tried Sri Paandi’s banana leaf rice. Heard good reviews about it before tho.
    The Payasam here was special *cos it was my first time having this* ;P

    simon seow~
    maggots??! haha.. perhaps not ;P
    oo.. having banana leaf rice as supper during night shift? what do you work as? ^^

  20. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    It’s been such a long time since I had banana leaf rice, don’t even remember the taste of it. We should pay that a visit soon!

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